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* The ability to set off the thaumic bomb, triggering a massive explosion sound effect, a unique mushroom-cloud screen, and a message that you blew up half the continent. Game ends with a score multiplier of 0.
* The ability to set off the thaumic bomb, triggering a massive explosion sound effect, a unique mushroom-cloud screen, and a message that you blew up half the continent. Game ends with a score multiplier of 0.
** If someone's willing to make a picture of the mushroom cloud, I'm putting this in immediately. :) -- [[User:Red kangaroo|Red kangaroo]] ([[User talk:Red kangaroo|talk]]) 20:27, 10 April 2020 (UTC)
*It's annoying not to be able to rest when panicked. You should be able to rest while panicked if you find a corner or dead end to hide in.
*It's annoying not to be able to rest when panicked. You should be able to rest while panicked if you find a corner or dead end to hide in.

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  • The ability to set off the thaumic bomb, triggering a massive explosion sound effect, a unique mushroom-cloud screen, and a message that you blew up half the continent. Game ends with a score multiplier of 0.
    • If someone's willing to make a picture of the mushroom cloud, I'm putting this in immediately. :) -- Red kangaroo (talk) 20:27, 10 April 2020 (UTC)
  • It's annoying not to be able to rest when panicked. You should be able to rest while panicked if you find a corner or dead end to hide in.
  • Kiwis from carnivorous plants should grow up to be carnivorous plants when dropped.
  • You should be able to whip slaves. That disable his panic state.
  • Corpses leaving bones after being eaten/rotting away.
  • Canning lumps of food, making items from lumps of material, or other uses for those random "lumps".
  • More repair shops in Attnam: carpenter, mason, jeweler.
    • Possibly repair shops could sell some quality items of their type, e.g. ruby spears at the jeweler, etc.
  • Appearance: a hidden stat that affects how monsters and people react to you, modified by your equipment and liquids splashed on you. (Bloody people tend to be scary when you're in a dark dungeon.)
  • Weapon skills determine a "title." For example, being heavily skilled in small blades could give you the title of "Blademaster" and my theory for the skill progression with axes would be this: woodcutter, lumberjack, lorax whacker, paul bunyan. (Idea borrowed from the Half-Life mod Master Sword)
  • Allow custom text-triggered sound scripting likened to ADOMBOT. Include in the base package a set of rudimentary sound effects like the more recent Angband variations, with an existing sound.cfg file to allow users to use whatever custom sound effects they want; they just need to place the files in the sound folder and edit the sound.cfg. The script could look something like:
 "You have hit" [hit1.wav, hit2.wav, hit3.wav] and variables can be included, "Your * * is severed off!" [humanseverpain1.wav, humanseverpain2.wav, humanseverpain3.wav].
  • The idea of pressure-based mines is a good one - instead of having them detonate automatically, the player should be safe so long as he or she stands on the mine.
    • Each mine should be assigned a certain weight tolerance. After it has been stepped on, a mine should detonate the very moment the pressure < weight tolerance - a clever or desperate player might be able to drop most of their items, and I say most in the interest of balance and challenge, to avert the explosion. If for any reason an item is removed from the mine causing the pressure to be less than the ideal weigh tolerance, the mine should explode.
  • If you throw a bottle of water at an npc, or get covered by the water yourself, lightning and electrical attacks should do a little bit more damage.
  • Your hit points ought to be influenced by the strength stat of your limbs, not just by the endurance stat, or the type of material for artificial limbs. I'd imagine that huge bulks of muscle would harder to dissect than some macaroni limbs. Also, maybe torso could get a few extra hit points from really stout arms and similarly your groin could benefit from those tree trunk legs you've been working for.
  • Make a bank that you can use... and rob!!!
  • How about footprints appearing on the floor if you walk around while your boots are adequately smeared in various fluids, like blood or acid. The stuff you walk on should also stick to yuor feet and boots. For expample stomping on a kobold carcass should reward you with hardened leather boots covered in blood.
  • How about applying scroll of harden material on your limbs. If then your Int > Str, or something, you could get +1 str.
  • Additional appearances for the character (And the NPCs, maybe) at startup, like different hairdos, or beards.


  • Non-humanoid undead.
  • Puppies, wolves, jackals, etc. should be attracted by blood.
  • Dogs grow into war dogs, and breed like mutant rabbits. Kenny could become pack leader instead of lunch.
  • Liquid/Gas Elementals: Elementals (or golems I guess) made out of Liquids and gases in the game would be interesting... perhaps when destroyed they sprey their material everywhere... So destroying a water Elemental would rust all your gear and destroying a Mustard Gas Elemental would burn your insides. I know how a template for it would be impossible as Gases and Liquids don't have stats.
  • Carnivorous plants (CP) should eat any animals that come close to them and grow bigger. eg CP eats magpie becomes greater CP, geater CP eats adult bunny/kobold becomes giant CP.
  • Mortifer should have sharks since Valpurus has dolphins


  • Ommel vomit: Hoping for +2 Endurance +2 Charisma +2 Strength, you drink it... and you die a few turns later, unless you have a very high grade acid resistance.
  • Force Materials: Materials made of pure energy/magic... They are effective but they either blow up, entirely disapear, or some other magical effect when broken.


  • Magic 8-ball
  • New ring enchantments: "Vigor" (unlimited stamina), "Calmness" (cannot be panicked), and "Steadfast" (cannot be pushed back).
    • Possibly merge these into a "Ring of the Statue", as individually they probably would not warrant use.
  • Pay phones
    • Probably some ideas needed on WHAT you could use them for. Naturally they would use a quantum magic displacement effect that happens between too violet crystals that have been cut in two. (Maybe you could call someone for science talk, possibly rigged to talk to the smartest/wisest person you can science talk with?)
  • There should be some ranged weapons other than thrown ones, such as bows and arrows, slings and stones, or darts and atlatls.
  • Ice Stones, the objects Ice Golems drop when they die, should melt over time and turn into water; one should be able to place an ice stone, possibly with the dip command, into an empty bottle or can, and after a certain amount of turns, it should become water.
  • Wand of Sleep
    • Amount of time spent asleep depends on intelligence. If broken, it knocks you and everyone around you unconscious.
  • Magic Collar
    • When held by someone you will always be aware of their location (Done so by the fact that their square will always be visible)
  • Lock picks, Horn of Opening
  • Scroll of soften material and scroll of random material
  • Scroll of disenchantment
    • rare like SOCM or wand of mirroring/cloning
    • When you read/use it, it takes an enchanted item (armor/weapon) and removes its enchantment but gives you a enchant armour/weapons scrolls. Eg. find meteoric steel mace +6 but you are a sword guy, poof you now have a regular old meteoric steel mace and 6 enchant weapon scrolls.
    • For those who might say this is unbalanced, its no worse than a wand of cloning/mirroring.
  • Lantern of Infravision
  • Bottomless bag
    • Either can store any amount of items, but you still need to carry the weight, or always stays the same weight, no matter how much you put inside.
  • wand of fetching
    • Pulls creatures and items in given direction towards you.
  • Fortune cookies
  • unicorn horn
    • A special item made of unicorn horn and rarely dropped by killed unicorns. Apply to cure negative effects, just like antidote does.


  • A special level with ants running from stairs up to stairs down. They should apply swarming techniques.
  • Athaburk's Teleport shop
    • A few items in stock and new are teleported to the place when purchases are made.
  • Dragon lairs in the wilderness
    • rare, two-level cavernous dungeons with a 2x2, powerful dragon and lots of treasure on the second level
  • A special location for the Gods, wherein if you're in high enough standing with them, you can go and have a cup of tea with a bunch of angels and stuff. Or blood, or Divine Manna, or whatever.


  • A more detailed nutrition system
    • Divide the Nutrition Points to different categories maybe? (Carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins.)
    • (Possibly similar to the "nutrition" features in the Playstation game Ehrgeiz)
    • Unbalanced diet could lead to slower regeneration of HP and stamina.
  • Thirst system
    • Like hunger now, you would also require water to survive.
    • Desert areas would make you thirsty faster (and they wouldn't spawn bottles of water).
  • Nonhuman limb system
    • Perhaps the possibility for multiple limbs on non-human NPCs could be programmed in - it may be difficult to achieve, but it would make creatures like hydras with multiple and functioning heads be an interesting possibility. As well as octopus like tentacled creatures.
  • Spell system
    • Books to learn spells? Or maybe something less mainstream.
    • Writing magic scrolls.
    • Ability to cast spells as per the NPC mages.
  • Butchering
    • Could yield lumps of flesh, plus any applicable material (eg. nymph hair and nymph flesh from butchered nymph).
  • Called shots
    • By holding down the alt button in combination from an number on the number pad, it would be nice for the player to be able to target specific areas of an enemy's body. Holding down alt + 8 would target the head, alt + 7 would be left/right foreleg/arm, et cetera. Naturally, the player shouldn't automatically be able to hit the area - make each specific area specifically more difficult to hit than the torso, noticeably so. Then, perhaps on top of it, a 50% chance of hitting another area by accident.
  • Temperature
    • Base temp. for dungeon level. Most levels would have "normal" temp., but there could also be hot or cold levels.
    • Heat could accumulate in items and areas, then slowly dissipate towards level base temp. Ie. several fireballs in succession would raise temp. of all items, creatures and walls they would hit. With high enough temp., creatures and flammable items or walls would burst into flames, while non-flammable creatures, items and walls would require higher temp. to melt completely (possibly spawning lava puddles).
    • Temp. could determine your ability to act i.e. attack, move etc.
    • Low temp. slows all actions, decreases stamina regeneration, sometimes causes sickness. High temp. decreases stamina regeneration, causes sweating and dehydration (see thirst above), eventually causes limbs to catch aflame.
    • Temp. could also affect some items like food,potions,corpses... food will last longer on low temp. and rot faster at high temp.
    • Spilling liquids on object/creature would modify temp. Water etc. would cool objects, while eg. lava would greatly raise temp.
  • Overworld weather
    • Maybe the existence of wands that are capable of changing the weather would also be a nice change - a wand of rain, a wand of snow, or whatever, so that you can conveniently wash off any vomit, acid or fluids that you don't really want bothering you. If weather doesn't already do it, program it in so that it does.
  • Jewelry eating
    • You should be able to either SOCM a ring of an amulet to any edible material, or polymorph into a monster with special diet, and then eat the ring or amulet to temporarily gain their effects.
  • New skills
    • Mobility - Mobility would be trained by having attacks miss you, and by moving around. Being encumbered and having agility penalties would slow it's training significantly. High skill in mobility would improve your dodge chances, and increase base move speed.
    • Armor Training - Armor skill would be trained by having damage reduced by armor. Having more damage knocked off would train it faster. Higher skill levels would increase the chance of armor protecting you (not a sure thing), and increase the minimum (and maybe the maximum?) damage knocked off when it does trigger (normally armor blocks rand(50-100)% of it's AC worth of incoming damage). Specific armor bonuses might also apply?
    • Weight Lifting - This one would be trained by running around with heavy loads, while wearing bulky armor, and so forth. It would reduce the penalties associated with such actions - less combat and hunger penalties for carrying large loads, smaller agi/dex penalties from chain/plate armor. I'm not sure about this skill, the dex/agi penalties don't necessarily have anything to do with the weight of your armor, but more how much it gets in your way when you try to move, an effect that could be compensated for with practice wearing and moving in armor, as the above skill.


  • A mass-command submenu should be available to give very simple orders to followers within your Peception range, with a Charisma check to see if they obey it (use the taming script?). Example menu -
    • Follower Commands:
      • Rally on me!
      • Flee for your lives!
      • Attack this target! (arrows move, spacebar selects)
  • "Dousing" or "dumping" of liquids/materials in cans and bottles, for when you want to heal a follower with healing liquid or troll blood, splash a hostile with acid or poison, or just empty a bottle or can.
  • A keyboard command that lets you use a special ability. The key command would be used for monsters powers... So if you were polymorphed into a necromancer you could raise skeletons. If you were an enner beast you could scream. Etc...
  • When your going (with g) the hero should follow tunnels when they turn.
  • The player should be able to use the chat command to talk to people on the other side of a window.
  • Applying weapons in directions, to smash open a locked chest or break down a pesky door or wall.
    • The ability to apply (normal) axes - they would be effective at cutting doors, chests, trees and other wooden objects (dependent on strength).
    • The ability to apply hammers - they could break items on the floor and work like a kick.
    • If you apply the hammer, following the previous suggestion, to a diamond or gem, you could get a powder that, when dipped into water, would make a liquid of some sort. When drunk, this would cause massive internal bleeding (this method of suicide is still popular in India and parts of Pakistan).
    • The ability to apply any bladed weapon to cut webs.
    • At least, using pickaxes in this way...


  • There should be xmas lights in attnam when it's xmas.
  • Some antidote liquid in the inventory of priests
  • Things should catch on fire -- especially if you're using a burning sword or a wand of fireballs in a wooden room.
  • Search for stairs up and down for look mode.
  • Horn of Plenty
    • Spawns food when used.
  • Horn of Healing