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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Gleipnir is an unbreakable artifact whip that periodically covers itself with Sulphuric Acid, dissolving struck monsters in addition to its normal damage.

Category Whip
Type the celestial whip named Gleipnir
Weight 250g
Damage 3-7
Material Shadow Cloth with Purple Light Crystal handle
Effect Covered in Sulphuric Acid
Notes -


Variant Only: This page discusses characters, items, or locations that are only included in a user-made variant of IVAN. Some or all of this information will not be applicable to the original version.

Gleipnir was originally implemented in the CLIVAN variant, where it's a unique whip of thievery made of Spider Silk and Obsidian. It has a higher chance to steal weapons from enemies than a standard whip of thievery.


  • In ancient Norse myth, Gleipnir is a binding forged of impossible materials to restrain the mighty wolf Fenrir.