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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

"DiE hUmAn!!"

Elpuri is a massive Dark Frog and the big bad dwelling deep inside the Gloomy Caves. Slaying him and bringing his head to Petrus is a way to assure the Freedom victory.


He dwells at floor 9 of the Gloomy Caves, also known as Dark Level. You will find him in a room full of various dark frogs, including the mystic ones.

Appearance and abilities

Elpuri the Master Dark Frog
Stats Equipment
Arm Strength 80
  • None.
Leg Strength n/a
Dexterity n/a
Agility 25
Endurance 20
Perception 42
Intelligence 45 Abilities
Wisdom 35 Biting, Chatting, Destroys walls, Swimming
Charisma 2
Random Stats - Permanent States
Size 250 Infravision, Telecontrol, Polyproof, Confusion Resistance


Head.png The head of Elpuri

When he is killed, his severed head and corpse remain. His head (weighing 60,000g) can be taken to Petrus to achieve the easiest game ending.


  • Be aware that his bite can destroy your items. Having several offensive wands in open inventory while fighting Elpuri equals to death through chain wand explosion.