Dwarven Gas Grenade

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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

The dwarven gas grenade is a small container similar to a bottle used to store gaseous materials rather than liquids. Like a bottle the gas grenade may be thrown and broken to release its payload, this time in the form of a deadly gas cloud.
Like a bottle they are quite fragile and prone to breaking in your inventory and releasing their payload. Unlike a bottle they cannot be found empty and cannot be dipped(!) or taken from.

Gas grenades first appeared in IVAN CVS, and can be found containing either mustard gas (damage over time), skunk smell (poison), or raw magic essence (mushroom gas effect).

Upon impact the gas grenade will attempt to create a 3x3 gas cloud centered on the tile where it detonated. Gas clouds will appear over entities, but not over solid objects such as walls and closed doors.


Note: The following exploit has been addressed in the newer builds of IVAN. It will still work in CVS, LIVAN and CLIVAN.

The way the gas grenade spawns its gas cloud assigns no blame to the player, meaning that any damage caused by a gas cloud to a friendly or neutral NPC is not attributed to the player and does not turn the NPC hostile.

Mustard Gas is also extremely potent, causing a burn that lasts long enough to topple just about anything or anyone unlucky enough to inhale it.

This way, with careful positioning a player can throw a mustard gas grenade against a wall close enough to an NPC to allow the gas to envelop them, without actually doing any direct damage to the NPC itself. Because the player has not actively engaged the NPC, the NPC simply sits through its idle routine while simultaneously burning to death from mustard gas, after which the player is free to loot their belongings with no consequence.

This is used to great effect against such important NPCs as shopkeepers, guards, and Petrus (with a little luck and preparation) meaning an easy Chaos victory can be obtained the moment the player sets foot in Attnam.


  • Although you can avoid the effects of mustard gas via having some form of gas immunity, real-life mustard gas does not need to be inhaled in order to burn you to death.