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Nov 6, 2016, 11:44 am
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fejoa wrote
An inspiring and entertaining run
Glad you enjoyed it!
I think I fixed this for the next version, but this bug is still there in 0.507
I saw the issue closed on github. The surprise here was how early he showed up and how unprepared I was.
Is this related to the Angels leaving orc corpses behind?
I don't know, maybe? I branched the save into wizard mode and spawned angels to kill, but none of them left behind any corpses, orc or otherwise. It's all very mysterious. And Izzy did summon the usual golems - I found them during cleanup.

Edit: I forgot that Izzy also makes hostile clones. I think one of my wolves had polymorphed into an orc general for dietary reasons; probably Izzy cloned it.
Also: do you think that the Enner boy and Enner girl should create undead configurations to make ghosts etc? I spotted one in one of your screen grabs.
I didn't think it was unusual when I saw it (it was actually a polymorphed elite dark knight), but now that you mention it I don't recall seeing undead enner beasts anywhere. I don't see the harm in allowing them. The creepy chomping head animation seems more appropriate to ghosts anyway.
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