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Posted by SilverSliver, Dec 21, 2021 at 9:28 pm
You probably thought it was Fejoa or Red-Kangaroo posting stuff, but it was actually me, the newcomer! Sorry to burst your bubble, I know I've been kinda just been popping around everywhere, but perhaps you'll appreciate what I'm about to say. With the end of the year approaching, I've finally gotten some free time to try my hand at actually coding. Boy, is it tough... but I'll use this topic to show my developments for the city/dungeon/other stuff I started planning in the quest I made. I'm posting here to see if the stuff I make seems nice and reasonable, and also add to this thread with progress:

So, if you take a look at the first picture, you'll see the base of a pretty large, generic mansion. The floor is made out of expensive carpet, to show off the vast wealth of one of Mellis's patrons. Sapphire Floor represents doors, Silver represents walls (which I might keep that way ), octiron is for items, and dark-gold is for people. We have a storage area (top left), a dwarf room (bottom left, explosive surprise there, huh?), a guard room (next to the dwarf room), a main room, with the main guy at the center surrounded by probably genies eventually, a bedroom (top right), a pet room (see water), and an treasury (bottom) right. Not half bad. (Note: This is not the actual structure, as that many gems would be too valuable, but the distinct colors is good for reference)

In the second picture we have the town. I very much like the center, but hate the outside. The way I'm planning for it to go is just a line of peddlers selling a variety of stuff, like a bazaar, or an agora, or... an Ernomouse Equipment Emporium . I liked the latter the best, so I've called it the marketplace/emporium. Outside of that I've placed some simple houses and a pool, but since the current code doesn't allow me to place rooms randomly inside rooms, I can only go with these pretty awful generic 9x4 felt tents . I've very open to suggestions on what to put there.

There it is. It's a fully functioning area as of now, and I've used the house_on_the_steppe default (wiki was a great help), so it does correctly place on the map. More work will follow this post, starting with decorations and actual walls, then a new team. Remember to please, please, offer feedback on what I should and shouldn't do.
Posted by SilverSliver, Nov 28, 2021 at 11:05 am
so many problems with my ideas

No matter. More ideas time. I actually really appreciate the questioning, it makes me feel that I could go somewhere with this.

As for the questline, I was thinking about a relatively unused person we have in the game now, Dictionary Thesaurius! . Concurrently we have him hanging around doing nothing unless SPOILER ALERT. Click here to see text.
you hope to literate Tweraif with a bribe of 50k currency
. He could offer the quest, as he loves treasure. Not sure about the actual dungeon layout yet, but this is still early stage planning. Perhaps this could be an alternate version of the gloomy caves ending, as once you hold the completed sword in your hands he looks upon you with greed in his eyes and orders you to hand it over. If not, he turns red and some fight ensues.

As for the sword, let's see...
chaostrom wrote
Besides that, do we even have a mechanic for material coating on weapons?
"Your slightly rusted iron dagger covered in blood rusts more"
"You see a broken phoenix feather armor covered with many types of liquids on a stone floor"
Arguably silver is a solid which we don't have, but it wouldn't be too hard to include supposedly.

When I did some more thinking about the weapon weight, I decided to look into the current weapons. The heavier a weapon is, the more damage it does, but the more inaccurate it is- with the exception of whips, which the lighter and more flexible they are the more damage they do. So I said, instead of a strong rock or metal to hide underneath the silvery coating, why not hide a insanely light and strong cloth to balance out the weight of the silver, like GEF or even better, spirit cloth (Because Sophos and Mellis are more closely aligned). This way, the sword still has the hardness of silver on the outside, but weighs no more than another sword of iron or steel.

Unique Weapon types, on the other hand, are much harder to think of. The longer swords could be a zweinander or a claymore, but I have few possibilities on the shorter swords other than a gladius.(cutlasses, khopeshs, and sabers all curve, whereas I imagine the sword to be perfectly straight)
Side note: Two-bladed swords would be a cool addition to the game

I didn't really think about the weapon efficiency, I suppose making a switch from short swords to long swords would be quite the downside. Eh, seems like an IVAN thing to do though. Perhaps Haathbar could warn the adventurer ahead of time that the weapon changes type, or to just train long sword for the time being as the shorter versions of the silverised sword have no special effects, but instead are just decent weapons.

As for the ability, I think the possibility of changing all body parts to silver rather than arms and legs seems a bit strong, and too much high risk high reward. Really, the sword is just meant to be good against endgame bosses, whose stats get cut down (pardon the pun). It wouldn't be too hard to focus on limbs either if it becomes light, as it could be made pre-enchanted like blue screen. ​

Does this all make sense?
Posted by SilverSliver, Nov 27, 2021 at 3:23 pm
For Chaostrom:

Counter response time
chaostrom wrote
Firstly though, why pray to Loricatus when it's a Mellis quest? Isn't Mellis more likely to want the sword for himself?
Yep Mellis would probably absolutely want a gem based sword more, but the person who repairs the sword should be of the finest quality, and since Loricatus is both close in alignment and repairs literally everything, who better? Consider it a favor between gods.

chaostrom wrote
Assuming what you want is a full length quest, what are you supposed to do with the completed weapon? Do you not get a chance to use it?
Yep, about as much as the shirt of the golden eagle or the shadow veil . Both are very cool items that you can use, but eventually you return them to the requester. However, since the sword is split into multiple parts, you could use it beforehand, but a weakened version of it.

chaostrom wrote
On a mechanical point, the longer the weapon gets, the less appealing it is to use it. Silver is heavy. Rather than existing weapon types, you want something unique. Stiletto, rapier, etc.
Aha, I thought this might come up. It is not a Silver Blade, but rather a Silverised Blade. To save you a search, to silverise something is to coat or treat it with silver to make it a silvery color. Therefore mechanically, the blade could be compromised of another material underneath the silver coating to make it only slightly heavier, as it is not a purely silver blade (we could hide black diamond or something underneath it )

But your other point absolutely makes sense, the weapons types I proposed seem too cliché. I just wanted something in a lengthening order. On another note, too make unique weapon types for a single weapon isn't a great idea either. I'm open to suggestions here.

chaostrom wrote
As far as changing the hit body part to silver goes, why just limbs? Why not risk making a silver golem out of the enemy?
This idea of mine really stems from a certain abusive mistress queen with agility and dexterity able to put all others to shame (which makes her good with her fingers ). My thought is that silver does give decent arm and leg strength, but it drops agi and dex to 4, an number low enough for a well advanced player to usually easily dodge, and a worthy reward of a long quest. Being able to completely turn something into a silver golem would be a little too broken imho, they lose their intelligence, drop all their armor, and can easily be fled from. An elder dark mage with silver limbs can still target you from afar, but being slow can only teleport to get away, whereas an elder dark mage turned into a silver golem poses 0 threat in comparison. I guess I just don't see the risk in a silver golem.

For BadBeaver:
His name is Solicitus

For Capristo:
True, it's just like the SPOILER ALERT. Click here to see text.
mage room
for #5, but I'm stuck on what a good final boss would be. A good basis would either be fast and furious like Sherry, or just ranged like izzy, but what would be good balance? At this point I was running out of steam from my earlier ideas and just needed to put something down.

Remember, this is just a [idea], a game [idea]!
Posted by SilverSliver, Nov 26, 2021 at 9:57 am
Yeah a generalist quest to retrieve and reassemble the Silverised Sword with the enemies shown as possible unique bosses, like how in gloomy caves the enner is a unique monster, or the gravekeeper in Xinroch's tomb. At the very least, it sounded like a unique idea in my head and could reasonably fit in the game right? (also my name eternally indirectly memorialized would be cool)
Posted by SilverSliver, Nov 25, 2021 at 12:46 pm
I wanted to put shower thoughts for the title, but Izzy stole it from over a year ago... so here we are.

This is just a compilation of some of my ideas that I think would be cool for Ivan, some are small things (normal numbers on list), and some are big things (bolded numbers on list):

1. The Supreme Silverised Sword. This is by far my favorite idea so I definitely put it first. It's basically a long quest to receive a really strong weapon. The details of the quest exactly are fuzzy, but it would include another town and a dungeon of some sort to pass through. While other questlines are focused on Valpurus (high priest) and Infuscor (Xinroch), this quest will be for Mellis.

When you choose to accept this questline, you journey to the town and receive the hilt of the Supreme Silverised Sword. From there, you will journey into the dungeon to pick up the Sliver of the Supreme Silverised Sword, or Silverised Supreme Sword Slivers . Each time you receive a Sliver, you can put the Sliver in one hand and the Hilt in the other, then pray to Loricatus. He shall perform his magic repairs and join the Sliver and the Hilt together to create a longer weapon. The general idea is to have 4-5 Slivers, so the first sliver merged creates the Silverised Dagger, then the Silverised Short Sword, then the Silverised Sword, then the Silverised LongSword, then the Supreme Silverised Sword, or something like that (I'm not confusing at all). The non-completed swords will just have decent stats.

So eventually, you get this supposedly really long sword, and supposedly it's stats are pretty good. But this isn't just a copy of Belederiver, because the sword has one cool ability, turning the limbs it hits into silver. The newly silverised limbs usually have decent strength, but lack dexterity and agility, making it easily to take down their owner. After that, you can sell the limbs for a great price too . Wowie so cool right? Oh also any creature with Lycanthropy Panics when they see this weapon, no matter how decked they are.

Now that we have this concept in mind, where could you get the slivers (beside the obvious idea of Mellis's championship gift)? Here are some unique possibilities I was thinking of:

2. Boy Prodigy
You run around the dungeons, stabbing kobolds and snacking on goblin spleens, when you see a small boy. "Little boy, this dungeon isn't for you," you admonish, "children should stay at home and read about heroes like me!" The boy frowns and pulls out a shortsword. You chuckle. It's only a mithril shortsword, unbreakable yes, but not even enchanted. Then you sense danger. Wait... whaARHGHRGHGHRGHRHG HELP! HELP! HE'S BEATING ME UP! HELP! AOHALEPFNBOOIaHlRialbalsh....................bleh

Actually I'm not even sure why I included that short story I could have just described the enemy but oh well basically it's a boy with lackluster gear and only weak weapon but insanely high weapon proficiency with his unique shortsword, designed to smite the arrogant .

3. The old god
No more story time unfortunately, I got lazy. But speaking of lazy, I drew inspiration from one of Kaetho's lines about winged Ostriches being godly until they discovered levitation. So why not have a ostrich as an enemy, one who didn't keep up with the times? Oh yeah, it's all coming together. The idea is an non-levitating but terrifyingly agile and dexterous bird with decently high health chasing you down.

4. The god abider
You continue traveling through the dungeon. That boy was a real pos, and the bird... eugh. But you keep on keeping on, and see a man before you. Maybe he's frie-"MORE SACRAFICES TO THE GODS!" Good Freaking grief... he's got artificial limbs too!? You approach him, and the battle begins.

Despite the inconsistency of the stories, the next unique enemy is one with 4 unique artificial limbs of various gods, (for example: dream cloth left arm, iron right arm, mithril left leg, bamboo right leg) all of which are decently good quality but not too stupidly strong like GEF. Even better, he cannot be beheaded, and his head and torso are basically indestructible. Even Even better, when you cut off one of his limbs, he'll pray to a god and get another one! So much fun! His downfall is in that eventually the gods will become angry at him, he'll change into something like a rat, and then you can finally cut him down.

5. The final boss:
What would make a final boss strong and annoying? Ranged attacks. Multiple Enemies. LifeSaving I'm think giving the final boss a wand of mirroring and an amulet of life saving so that he when he zaps himself with the former, he creates clones that are also lifesaved

So what do you all think? This was a lot of work to write down, and I think the concepts would be cool and not too hard to implement (besides the boss that prays for limbs). I just think it would be cool to have the first idea, and the others would be cool extras.
Posted by SilverSliver, Nov 4, 2021 at 5:30 pm
capristo wrote
What's up with all the ghosts?

I didn't think the corpses looked like a ton but 4663... yeah don't think I've ever seen that many lol. I just avoid the levels where they spawn though

2 things, both which involve magic mushrooms.
1. The ghosts are all magic mushroom being in other magic mushroom vapor and getting polymorphing, turning into literally everything in the game
2. The 4663 is impressive, but it's even dumber when you realize that they were killed by other reasons, not me. My main hypothesis is that the vapor gave them confusion, making them attack their allies (so like a confused magic mushroom polymorphed into a golem, mistress, or orc could really stack up kills), but that number is still crazy.

Also yeah some way to kill all the weak enemies on the whole level would be nice. The only ways right now are earthquakes or Silva, who causes the former _-_
Posted by SilverSliver, Nov 4, 2021 at 12:07 pm
I was playing around with LIVAN (which is definitely much easier than other versions simply because of the large terrains and better guaranteed loot. I was pretty stacked, think all armor and weapons being top level material above valpurium+8-9 except for a GEF cloak+9 and a GEF chameleon whip+9 (great for breaking the power curve).

(See Pic 1)

I killed everyone in the vault, and the shops thanks to some archangels, and killed every named enemy and Elipuri up to Sherry, who I died to. It was quite ironic since my weapons of polymorphing and permanent haste were inspired by her, but that isn't what this post is about. It's about the worst magicial mushroom infestation to have ever graced-or disgraced possibly any version of LIVAN- combined with the dwarven minefields. The minefields were no problem, SPOILER ALERT. Click here to see text.
I just took the belt of levitation from ol' Pong Pong
, but I lingered there too long chasing down a magpie who had stolen Masamune (which I never even got back, the bitter irony). Unbeknownst to me, magic mushrooms began mutiplying. I noticed eventually, and attempted to stamp out the infection, which is a lot easier than said when everything was invisible, floating, and polymorphed into decently dangerous enemies. About 2 days after, I gave up. Later, when I decked out my int stat and got Vormav, I tentatively stepped back into the level to witness this:

(See Pic 2)

The most horifying parts were when I prayed to Legifer, exploding the rusted walls to the dwarven minefield, revealing tiles upon tiles of raw vapourized magic coating every direction. This isn't even including the fact that mushrooms aren't sentient beings, so ESP couldn't see them. By the time I died, the path from GC3's entrance to GC4's entrance had a least 4 magic mushroom corpses on each tile.
Speaking of my death, I finally found out why my game started to lag:

(See Pic 3)

Anyone got anything worse than this?