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Posted by Serin-Delaunay, Jul 5, 2017 at 11:18 am
Srges has sickles IIRC, and should probably keep them. Weeping blades produce acid, so giving them to Scabies would make sense.
Posted by Serin-Delaunay, Jul 4, 2017 at 3:28 pm
I still don't get how charity and munificence means enchanting armour
Posted by Serin-Delaunay, Jul 4, 2017 at 2:35 pm
Farmers use axes to chop down trees. They're tools and definitely suited to Loricatus. Battle-axes could be switched to Cruentus.
Loricatus already has hammers aligned, and thunder hammers being aligned with Terra is pretty weird. they could probably be switched to Loricatus.
Cruentus should definitely keep long swords. They're favoured by the dark knighthood, not just Attnam. I'm not sure aligning all spears to Sophos just because of Vermis makes sense? My impression of the gods in IVAN is that they're like personifications of abstract concepts, primarily concerned with how prevalent their favourite things are in the world rather than how a mortal army should be equipped.

Balance-wise, I'd be careful about moving too many aligned items away from Cruentus Loricatus and towards Atavus - they are in very plentiful supply, so this will affect the number of permanent angels that players of different alignments can get, and also how quickly players can get Atavus's champion gift.
Posted by Serin-Delaunay, Jun 30, 2017 at 5:25 am
Yep. Preventing savescumming in an open-source game is more or less impossible without running the game on a server.
Posted by Serin-Delaunay, Jun 27, 2017 at 5:59 am
To answer the question, starvation is pretty common for me even when I know which corpses to eat and which things spoil. All my winners have needed to be fed by a god. It's also helpful to avoid being burdened or stressed.
Posted by Serin-Delaunay, Jun 27, 2017 at 4:30 am
Levels other than the current level are completely frozen. Nothing rots, mirrors don't disappear, monsters don't move or spawn.
Posted by Serin-Delaunay, Jun 13, 2017 at 3:23 pm
Batman? wrote
I echo your concerns that some of the changes being proposed are too closely aligned to mainstream Roguelike/D&D standards. Maybe make silver cause something akin to poison to vampires where by every so many turns they have a chance to take silver damage unless healed. Or make them aware of silver items and greatly increase your danger level in their eyes. They see you coming down the hall wearing silver armor dual wielding silver weapins and they run scared. Thats always my favorite moment when my late game char is super stacked and lower level monsters run in fear of me.
I've got to agree here; porting niche mechanics from nethack doesn't seem like a very interesting direction for IVAN development.
Make vampire bats able to steal light sources like magpies do, increasing the chance of you getting stuck in the dark and give vampires more damage or regenration or something when standing in the dark.
also i would like to see you lose you memory of the surronding area if you lose your light source in a dark area. right now its kind of silly, you can still see the walls and the marker where your player is so all you have to do is move back to a room, when in reality if you lost your lightsource in a subterranean maze it would be a lot harder to find your way back.
I don't think this would be a good idea. This is a turn-based game where the player can manually (if they really want) copy their map observations to paper or text. The game showing map memory onscreen is not just modelling the player character's memory, but also a courtesy to make playing IVAN less of a chore. Currently the map memory can be partially destroyed by taking a blow to the head, but this is rare and just a cosmetic effect - it's spread out, and doesn't affect your ability to navigate.
If the game has a mechanic that can wipe out map memory in an area, it's basically telling the player to spend time manually copying each level's map.
Posted by Serin-Delaunay, Jun 10, 2017 at 1:20 pm
red_kangaroo wrote
I'm not sure whether this is a complaint, but this line was removed/replaced by Migel Decos. Originally in Doc/Old there is a disceussion about punishers having cousins from New Attnam, which is quite strange for several of them at once. So, I replaced it with Migel Decos, a brother of Richel!
I just found it funny that at first glance the mindworm seemed to have a dialogue line saying it was from New Attnam.
Thank you for those, no matter how many times I read something after myself, there are still errors remaining.
I think one's own errors always have a stealth bonus :>
We're talking about an emissary of Aslona.

Yes, the "need help, civil war" is a standard trope. Here I actually tried a subversion - the talk about slavery is deliberate, because Alsona is not necessarily a good kingdom endangered by evil Rebellion. It's not always a poor, good kingdom being stuck with too young and inexperienced ruler. I don't see the undermining of criticism of slavery - you're jumping to the conclusion that Aslonians are the heroes.
I'm under no illusions about Aslonians being heroes - he comes off as a racist slave-owning monarchist. But compare this to how the game treats Attnamese slavery:
* The player character is a slave from New Attnam, whose daily life is described in detail at the start of the game.
* Several of them are shown onscreen.
* They talk to the player about their lives before and during the occupation, their opinions about the situation, their culture and interests, and each other.
* They have diverse social roles both before and during occupation.
* They can all be freed, and this happens because their masters are killed, not because their masters suddenly had a bright idea.

Slavery is a heavy subject, and it shouldn't just be used casually to make a point about a slave-owner's moral character. I'm white so I can't speak with any authority about what would be OK for this game, but I can at least point out the basic obvious stuff.

See also: forced lobotomy.
Why show it when you can let the players thin about it themselves? Maybe they really are all vegetarians, I mean, there are so many pineapples and bananas in the Cathedral... Or maybe they are lying, but we don't need to show this - let the players have their own opinion.
There's also these lines from the farmers:
"Crops are so lousy around here. Perhaps because the summer lasts two weeks."
"Again polar bears ate my cattle..."
So Attnam's food sources seem to be lousy crops (if the farmers bother with crops at all), cattle that is occasionally eaten by polar bears, polar bears, overpriced bananas (all other fruit apparently gets sent to the cathedral for decoration), and whatever else the hunters can kill. The supply rate of bananas is probably enough for the hunters to live on, but if they're selling meat and buying bananas at Hulbo's prices they probably can't afford to.

Looking at their other dialogue lines, their primary interests seem to be masculinity, hunting, white supremacy, anti-communism, and publicly carrying weapons. I don't see where vegetarianism fits into that (especially not for all 10 of them), and their style of speech is too direct for them to joke or lie about it.
This is a very black comedy joke, but I see Petrus as seriously evil. When a citizen, even if it was his own wife, needs re-education... If you all are against it, I will definitely rework her.
The problem here is similar to the problem with Aslonian slavery above. This evil isn't necessary to the plot, all it does is tell us about a powerful male character's values. In this case, a character we already knew was a monster, and it does that at the expense of including a marginalised character's voice, thoughts, and feelings in the game. Since it doesn't really add anything to the game, I think it would be more valuable to instead allow this character to speak.
I would love to have a special material for Mortifer, just as Valupurus has one, and psypher is quite nice for that, I think. It needs a nerf, though.

What about one (or several) of these:

* It could be unwishable (or maybe require something like 150 Int?).
* I would leave it at being super-strong, but maybe we could make it as dense as adamant? Super stong and super heavy.

SPOILER ALERT. Click here to see text.
I was thinking about mirrored psypher armor of great health +6 for ToX, just like the valpurium sword +10 in GC.

Making it more dense would only increase its power when used as a weapon material. That's why many weapons do more damage when made of adamant compared to valpurium. That might be OK if it's unwishable.
Requiring 150 INT is basically equivalent to making it unwishable. In normal play you can't get that high with dolphins or hats, in wizmode everything's wishable.
SPOILER ALERT. Click here to see text.
Yes please, more fake powerful loot. A psypher pickaxe, mirrored or otherwise, could also be interesting.

It actually is rather powerful, IMO, that's why it's not spawned right now. I was thinking about is as a special material for some unique level, but if you find it OK for it to be found in bottles, why not?
What use do you see for liquid darkness? How could the player exploit it? It's not useful for the player to drink, monsters won't drink it voluntarily, and its effects when splashed on a creature might not be very helpful in combat. I guess it would be OK if it doesn't spawn in bottles, if it's used to decorate a unique level.
Here are the lines you can hear from a bum in Attnam. I wanted a NPC that gives some slightly obscure, but still useful clues to new players:
The bum seems fine to me. I interpret him as a former adventurer whose sole distinction was not dying.
Posted by Serin-Delaunay, Jun 7, 2017 at 3:10 pm
Currently reviewing the PR on Github. Found this:
Posted by Serin-Delaunay, Jun 5, 2017 at 2:16 pm
fejoa wrote
The change really is just a bit of a quirk. Is it really worth donning a crappy tin helmet just to evade ESP when you could be using ESP and wearing a more powerful helmet to help you find your enemies and kill them instead? I haven't tested whether it improves one's chances against battle mages etc, but it doesn't prevent you being infraseen, so I think a hapless, tin-helmet-wearing player would still get bombed by the corporation in the end.
Is it really worth adding a whole material property/game rule just to let creatures evade ESP when you could add an item that does the same thing in a way that's more consistent with the existing game rules?
Does the BlockESP flag prevent creatures from using ESP, or just being detected? Why?
About 1 in every 41 plain helmets are tin (no other headgear is generated as tin), and by the time the player has high enough INT to use ESP reliably almost every humanoid NPC will reject tin helmets because there are better options strewn around the dungeon floor. Will players ever fail to detect a threatening NPC because they found a tin helmet?
Does this change add more depth or more complexity?