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Werewolves are humanoid half man, half wolf beasts that appear mainly in the Gloomy Caves. Eating the corpse of a werewolf will turn yourself into one.

You will most likely meet a werewolf in the "Wolf Lair" special room, where he commands a pack of wolves and carries two Scrolls of enchant armor and weapon.

Werewolf WerewolfWolf.png
Stats Equipment
Arm Strength 20 (25)
  • None (except for the one found in the Wolf Lair).
Leg Strength 20 (25)
Dexterity 20 (35)
Agility 20 (35)
Endurance 15 (25)
Perception 18 (24)
Intelligence 20 (10) Abilities
Wisdom 20 (10)
Charisma 20 (10)
Random Stats - Permanent States
Size 170 (200) Lycanthropy
HP 75 (215)

The stats in brackets are when polymorphed.