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''Hattifatteners'' are pale, tall, strange creatures which grow from seeds.They look just harmless or even cute to some eyes, but actually it is very dangerous to get closer to them, especially when they are electrically charged.{{Spoiler}}
In the game a ''hattifattener'' doesn't seem Hattifatteners are pale, tall, strange [[monsters|creatures]]. They look harmless or even cute to some eyes, but are actually very dangerous to care about youapproach, moves randomly and restlessly emits lightning bolts in random directionsas they are electrically charged.
Hattifatteners don't seem to care about [[you]]. They move randomly and restlessly emis [[Wand of Lightning|lightning bolts]] in random directions. Killing a ''hattifattener'' causes some serious an enormous static discharge, and it does not leave a corpse. ==Stats and Equipment=={{Monster-pic|img=Hattifattener. png|name=Hattifattener|type=|astr=3|lstr=N/A|agi=10|dex=N/A|end=10|per=9It doesn|int=3|wis=3|wil=10|cha=6|size=80|hp=|equipment=|* None.|able= Randomly discharges lightning bolts.<br>Explodes into lightning when killed.|state= }} == Notes == Hattifatteners cannot bleed, sweat, be knocked out, or choke themselves on webs. == Trivia == These creatures were inspired by (read "stolen from") a children TV show called 't leave 'The Moomins'' where they are a corpse nor a barometervery strange type of plant creature (they grow from seeds). They gather during thunderstorms, harnessing the power of lightning and flying between islands.


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