Backpack Full of Gunpowder

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The backpack full of gunpowder is a tool used primarily by kamikaze dwarves to explode gratuitously upon making contact with the player.
As such they are most commonly found on kamikaze dwarves (if you can kill them before they explode) but they can also spawn randomly inside any dungeon - they are particularly common inside the dwarven minefield.


  • The player can make use of a backpack full of gunpowder by (a)pplying it, which will make him explode just like a kamikaze dwarf and likely blow off all of his limbs and kill him immediately.
  • A better use of a backpack full of gunpowder is to use it as a trap and ignite it from a distance using an offensive wand.
  • Backpacks can also be set off by nearby explosions, so placing one on or around an active land mine can help increase its potency.


  • Trying to apply a backpack full of anything but gun powder will result in the message "You are not able to explode yourself with this crummy backpack full of material!"
    • Note that this cannot happen unless you edit the script files to make backpacks full of other materials possible.