so happy to see development continue on IVAN

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Hey everybody, just wanted to say that I'm super pumped about the continued development of IVAN, its been one of my favorite games since when it came out so a big thanks to everyone working on it. I wish I knew how to code so I could contribute! Peace, -Dirty Dingus Magee
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Welcome and thanks for letting us know You're welcome to contribute with ideas!
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It's a pleasure. I'm just grinding through the best way to store and retrieve the player's characteristics to assemble a ghost resembling the player - without introducing new bugs that crash the game of course
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LIVAN (CVS? Don't remember) already had something like that for the "derived undead", maybe you could appropriate it? Or have you looked at it and it's kludgy?
If it's a matter of not having the previous player's stats on hand, can't you just throw them into the bones file? I actually dunno if that's how it already works considering the ghosts seem to be of varying strength.