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I was wondering if we have any pixel artist here that would be willing to help? I'm currently working on a new quest that will add a few new locations and other stuff, none of which has a sprite yet, and my artistic skills are, well... limited would be an overestimation.

What I would like:

* A mighty seaside castle of a king.
* A small camp (several tents, probably).
* A ruined castle/fort.
* A cave entrance.
* A pyramid.
* A small fortress/tower.
* A ship - the player will get a ship to sail the ocean and I would like to change the sprite while onboard.

And the black market could probably use a better sprite.

BTW, if anyone wants to have a look at the very WIP branch:

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Exciting! I think 4zb4 was keen to do some art, but I haven't seen him around for a while.
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I got you a tower at (80, 96), a castle at (112, 96) and a pyramid at (96, 12.

You can find them here: https://github.com/Attnam/ivan/pull/569/files?short_path...

Any good?
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fejoa wrote
I got you a tower at (80, 96), a castle at (112, 96) and a pyramid at (96, 12.

Any good?

These are great, thank you! I especially like the castle with little flags.
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Those are awesome fejoa!

Pyramid looks a little funny with windows I think if those are removed then all 3 will be perfect
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Thanks Cap, I started with the castles and by the time I got to the pyramid I was so out of my comfort zone I had to draw windows on that too. I'll have them removed soon

EDIT: updated here https://github.com/Attnam/ivan/pull/569/commits/9b557d549305...