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I was playing around with LIVAN (which is definitely much easier than other versions simply because of the large terrains and better guaranteed loot. I was pretty stacked, think all armor and weapons being top level material above valpurium+8-9 except for a GEF cloak+9 and a GEF chameleon whip+9 (great for breaking the power curve).

(See Pic 1)

I killed everyone in the vault, and the shops thanks to some archangels, and killed every named enemy and Elipuri up to Sherry, who I died to. It was quite ironic since my weapons of polymorphing and permanent haste were inspired by her, but that isn't what this post is about. It's about the worst magicial mushroom infestation to have ever graced-or disgraced possibly any version of LIVAN- combined with the dwarven minefields. The minefields were no problem, SPOILER ALERT. Click here to see text.
I just took the belt of levitation from ol' Pong Pong
, but I lingered there too long chasing down a magpie who had stolen Masamune (which I never even got back, the bitter irony). Unbeknownst to me, magic mushrooms began mutiplying. I noticed eventually, and attempted to stamp out the infection, which is a lot easier than said when everything was invisible, floating, and polymorphed into decently dangerous enemies. About 2 days after, I gave up. Later, when I decked out my int stat and got Vormav, I tentatively stepped back into the level to witness this:

(See Pic 2)

The most horifying parts were when I prayed to Legifer, exploding the rusted walls to the dwarven minefield, revealing tiles upon tiles of raw vapourized magic coating every direction. This isn't even including the fact that mushrooms aren't sentient beings, so ESP couldn't see them. By the time I died, the path from GC3's entrance to GC4's entrance had a least 4 magic mushroom corpses on each tile.
Speaking of my death, I finally found out why my game started to lag:

(See Pic 3)

Anyone got anything worse than this?
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What's up with all the ghosts?

I didn't think the corpses looked like a ton but 4663... yeah don't think I've ever seen that many lol. I just avoid the levels where they spawn though

It would be nice to have a guaranteed way to get rid of magical mushrooms entirely.
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capristo wrote
What's up with all the ghosts?

I didn't think the corpses looked like a ton but 4663... yeah don't think I've ever seen that many lol. I just avoid the levels where they spawn though

2 things, both which involve magic mushrooms.
1. The ghosts are all magic mushroom being in other magic mushroom vapor and getting polymorphing, turning into literally everything in the game
2. The 4663 is impressive, but it's even dumber when you realize that they were killed by other reasons, not me. My main hypothesis is that the vapor gave them confusion, making them attack their allies (so like a confused magic mushroom polymorphed into a golem, mistress, or orc could really stack up kills), but that number is still crazy.

Also yeah some way to kill all the weak enemies on the whole level would be nice. The only ways right now are earthquakes or Silva, who causes the former _-_
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Oh wow, this is indeed madness. I kind of want to try out LIVAN now...
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Wow. No, never have seen mushrooms get quite so bad.

In 0.58, there is a config to stop mushrooms from multiplying while far away from you, for performance reasons. That would at least stem the tide of new mushrooms while you tried to kill them.
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Lmao I missed the fact that they were killed by “some other reason”
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Can they reproduce if all the corpses are gone? Not sure how the spawning mechanism works.
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I think so, the spores are still present
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It's actually an active action on part of the mushroom to spawn a new now, so with all of them dead, no new will spawn. However, it can be pretty tricky to get all of them when some can be currently invisible, teleported, etc.