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I'm using Windows 10, and I have no idea what to do. Please help!
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Five ways:
1) Use MinGW to produce an executable (difficulty = hard)

2) Use msys2 to build a thingee that will let you run IVAN (difficulty = moderately hard)

3) Use Visual Studio somehow (difficulty = unbelievably hard)

4) Create a vitual machine using Oracle VM Virtualbox or similar, load a Linux distribution like Debian or Ubuntu or whichever, and then pull the IVAN repo from git and compile and run (difficulty = easy)

5) Dispense with Windows and install Linux (difficulty = easiest)
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I'm just doing this 'cuz I assume it has more gameplay and stuff. IS that true?
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There's a Windows exe on the releases page, compiled last December.
There should be a September release next month, once Red's latest changes get merged in.

EDIT: Sorry I didn't answer your question, yes there is most definitely more stuff : D
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Nice. Can't wait for more content!
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A few things to look forward to:

* Two new bosses, a secret one and a less secret one!

* Expanded Attnam (and its underground)!

* Many new dialogue lines and more in-game stories!

* New music!

* Siren songs and more...

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So... after the last merge with new sound effects, I get a fatal error on compiling with CMake. It stops at message.h, stating that no "SDL_mixer.h" exists. I see that fejoa did something with "SDL2_mixer" in his pull request.

Is this a simple typo in message.h, or am I doing something wrong/missing something? Any thoughts?
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You'll have to install SDL2 mixer on your system.

brew install sdl2_mixer

apt-get install libsdl2-mixer-dev

yum.. probably something similar
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Cool, thanks!

EDIT: It works.