Version 0.55

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!!! The title of this page is incorrect, these are changes in release 0.50.5 Release 0.55 can be found here. !!!

Released on the 27. March 2016.

Can be downloaded here.


  • Screenshot directory now created before taking screenshot.
  • Lanterns ignite the sqaure they break in.
  • Fire damage only explosions added.
  • Dulcis trains Charisma if she can't help normally.
  • Nefas mistress chief odds scale with relationship.
  • Cruentus weapon enchantment is more frequent.
  • Female head sprites added.
  • Toggle option for smart open/close/apply functions.
  • Legifer enchants armor when not near enemies.
  • Explosions only cause bleeding if they cut you.
  • Can no longer eat or drink burning objects.
  • Body parts are warm if they're burning - cue infravision.
  • Ghosts now resemble the deceased.
  • Fixed a bothersome problem with pet movement.
  • Coffin sprite now used in the Attnam Catacombs.