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Posted by wishcraft, Mar 23, 2012 at 3:11 am
Ok, so, I first go for runs burdened/well fed so my leg strength goes up, then go for unburdenen/diet runs to become more agile?
I tried training my leg strength by kicking into balsa walls but it didnt seem to work at all. Does the training effect cancel out when your kick is too weak to have an effect?

Just a little on the side, is there a way to empty cans without eating or drinking the content? I like to pray to mellis for food, but if I feed myself during long trainings and I eat all the school food I just become too endurish I guess.

Well I know raising any stat will increase danger level but I still wonder how exactly it works, there might be combinations of stats that do better than others, no?
Posted by wishcraft, Mar 22, 2012 at 5:58 am
Hey there good folks of Attnam parish,

First of all, a brief introduction. I have lurked this place for quite some time now and it really beefed up my IVAN skills. I still quite often die before reaching Enner Beast. But I'm definately still improving. Lately Ive been playing IVANT because frankly I find it more forgiving, I might try a shot at the real thing after I beat that one.

I was wondering if I could get some advice on the proper way to upgrade your stats.

First of all, leg strength and agility. Upgrading either of these to any end-game level seems mutually exclusive. You need to be well fed and burdened to get leg strength and you need to be on a healthy diet and unburdened to upgrade agility. I usually do some running while feeding off bananas I kicked off the landing patch, getting agi up to about 17 before I even set off. But then once I get a decent set of belongings to carry around it all goes down the drain because of burdened.
So how do people go about this? Do you actually upgrade LStr by kicking at walls? Do I need to do this first thing so I can carry around stuff unburdened? What kind of stats do I expect to achieve with the method you will suggest me?

Secondly, what is the optimal way of upgrading ones stats without it just making your life more dangerous because of the harder enemies? Is the formula used for calculating danger level known? Is it best to even out all your stats? If so, an answer to question 1 would help a lot because LStr and Agi always lag behind. Personally, the danger level thing is what I dislike most about this game, it almost makes improving yourself redundant.