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Posted by red_kangaroo, Jul 16 at 12:10 pm
Batman? wrote
Do the new bone materials like Dragon bone also give stat buffs, or just the ommels? Are they even edible?

It's just the ommel bone/tooth, because they are ommel materials.

Every material is theoretically edible, the creature just needs the correct flags to be able to digest a given material type. SPOILER ALERT. Click here to see text.
See ConsumeFlags in Script/char.dat
Try polymorphing into an imp and see what you can eat.

Batman? wrote
Can you eat bone materials when polymorphed into a werewolf?

Actually no, that's a bug! Otherwise, canines, bears and necromancers can eat bone.

And petrified dragon bone is classified as a mineral, so bone-eating will not help you there.
Posted by red_kangaroo, Jul 16 at 1:01 am
AStr  5
Agi  15
End   8
Per  18
Int   5
Wis   5
Will  5
Cha  15
Mana  0
Posted by red_kangaroo, May 30 at 2:40 am
Sorry about that, the imps are not correctly removed after death in the current version. There is an as of yet unmerged fix here.
Posted by red_kangaroo, Apr 23 at 1:07 am
We could theoretically have an option for an all-dungeons-open, no-highscore game, though.
Posted by red_kangaroo, Apr 22 at 10:43 am
Well, it would be easy to keep the other quests open rather than lock you out, but the locking out is done for balance purposes. There's a limited amount of gear you can find in each of the quests, but if you had access to all three, the scrolls of enchantment etc. would add up.

I think that was one of the problems with CLIVAN, where you had mutiple new areas full of loot, all freely accessible, and you were severely overpowered in the end game. I won CLIVAN with all gear made of valpurium or GEF, enchanted to +6 at the least, stats through the roof and unlike vanilla IVAN, it wasn't hard or lucky to get to that point. I just had to explore everywhere.
Posted by red_kangaroo, Apr 15 at 3:18 am
That's a good idea, for sure. I think the only reason there are no Linux binaries is we never tired to make them.
Posted by red_kangaroo, Mar 26 at 2:12 am
Amulet of life saving
Amulet of elemental protection
Belt of levitation
Cloak of flying
Horn of healing
Posted by red_kangaroo, Mar 19 at 4:35 am
capristo wrote
It's still alive but idk about kicking. I think it was kicking in 2016

Yeah, it was. It's more like wheezing right now?
Posted by red_kangaroo, Feb 24 at 3:08 am
Oof, sorry. Wishing for "wand of polymorph" should work, there's probably a bug in the wish parser.
Posted by red_kangaroo, Dec 6, 2020 at 3:24 pm
When you edit an article on the wiki, there is no longer a formatting bar.