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Posted by red_kangaroo, Mar 26 at 7:31 am
Batman? wrote
Is there a changelog for the new release?

We forgot to add it to the release, so it's on GitHub for now.
Posted by red_kangaroo, Mar 24 at 4:57 pm
Now that's just plain weird. I have tried it and Windows throws no problems for me...
Posted by red_kangaroo, Mar 24 at 6:20 am
fejoa wrote
Maybe we should do a quick patch, especially now that there's a new fix for Sirens.

That would be cool. I pushed an updated changelog, along with the changelog for this hotfix, so we can have such a nice number as 0.52.1.
Posted by red_kangaroo, Mar 24 at 2:22 am

Announced on r/roguelikes, Temple of the Roguelike and RogueBasin.

Also we forgot to update the NEWS file with changes to 0.52. :/
Posted by red_kangaroo, Mar 2 at 2:20 am
Cool, thanks!

EDIT: It works.
Posted by red_kangaroo, Mar 1 at 5:19 pm
So... after the last merge with new sound effects, I get a fatal error on compiling with CMake. It stops at message.h, stating that no "SDL_mixer.h" exists. I see that fejoa did something with "SDL2_mixer" in his pull request.

Is this a simple typo in message.h, or am I doing something wrong/missing something? Any thoughts?
Posted by red_kangaroo, Feb 13 at 1:09 pm
Both strength and density affect power of the material - so sidgure is strong, but very light, making it less powerful than mithril. See how when you SOCM mithril sword into an octiron one, it drops in damage, because it is suddenly extremely light.
Posted by red_kangaroo, Feb 12 at 11:44 am
Wise men say that Infuscor once was very fond of Xinroch because of his beautifully shaped skull, and now that it is rid of that pesky flesh...
Posted by red_kangaroo, Feb 8 at 5:40 pm
Scars are in the game since before 0.50, so you'd have to go far back in the Changelog to see them added.

No way to heal them, but they only have a chance to be created after a crit or an attack that deals very heavy damage to you, AFAIK. Get a good armor and you will gain one only very rarely.
Posted by red_kangaroo, Feb 4 at 1:01 pm
Batman? wrote
I just found a shield of the phoneix on the floor of GC1. The wiki says it give life saving status, does it dissapear after use?