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Posted by localhosed, Mar 2, 2012 at 8:35 pm
That's an exciting idea but I don't have the skill to do much right now . I can understand some C , but C++ can be much more complicated. The last time I looked at IVAN source a few years ago, I was overwhelmed. I want to look at it again though. I'm not a professional programmer and do it sometimes for fun. I made a few things here and there in darkbasic, blitz basic, freebasic, visual basic, C, euphoria, oblivion script and an easier variant of HLSL from OBGE. I made some graphics tests lately with isometric tiles in freebasic and submitted my first translation of C to euphoria bresenham's line algorithm at rosettacode. I did some simple text i/o and number crunching in C to help pre-compute the HLSL dithering shader, my only sort-of-HLSL program :

I'm not a skilled programmer but even a small accomplishment isn't a bad thing.

I think IVAN really has a lot of good ideas and game balance that no other roguelikes have so I am still tempted to look in the source to figure out how it does what it does with certain things like level generation and object generation, rarity, combat, AI, the god's decisions. I would want IVAN to be able to use zoom and mouse scroll simultaneously , so that users could look up close at smaller tiles easier than using the look command. I know it is more complicated for a big program like IVAN than in a test demo so it's just an idea at this point.
Posted by localhosed, Feb 29, 2012 at 9:35 pm
I'm glad if it helps.
I didn't change the rookiedwarf stats in char.dat from what they were with the distribution of CLIVAN I have (r7). I checked them to see that they were different from what you posted about in the first post (IIRC).
When I played, they seemed balanced enough to me. Later I came here and read the old message of them appearing too early. So that changed my expectations temporarily. I checked the numbers and they were HpRequirementForGeneration : 58 and DayRequirementForGeneration : 5 .

I have played IVAN off and on for a few years and still haven't beaten it so I am likely to keep playing it for a while. Haven't found SPOILER ALERT. Click here to see text.
liquified fear
Posted by localhosed, Feb 27, 2012 at 3:55 pm
Thanks for CLIVAN, I'm glad the game is still getting so much interest.

I found a bug that I don't know comes from CLIVAN specifically but thought I would post about it. Here's a picture :

I kicked open a shop door thinking it was a regular door in this dungeon and the shopkeep and guards were after me. I decided to teleport them away, but the game crashed when I did that. The teleport graphic stopped at the guard behind the shopkeep who was apparently teleported away, the guards were not, I don't know if that last part is normal.

Edit : I have a fixed version of rookiedwarves already. char.dat has kamikaze dwarves using HpRequirementForGeneration : 58 and DayRequirementForGeneration : 5

CLIVAN has been good. My latest fun death was being shattered to pieces as a polymorphed flint golem in GC3 by an exploding kamikaze dwarf after I teleported away from a really determined werewolf who already lopped both my arms off - something like that. I was so close to surviving, those are the fun ones.

I barely handled some giant eagles a few times, and I liked the rookie dwarves attacks. I'm looking forward to seeing the other new creatures out there.