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Posted by chaostrom, Aug 6 at 11:32 pm
I use mine, though not much.
Posted by chaostrom, Aug 2 at 11:39 pm
Minor changes if you're not paying attention, but yes, it looks good. Thanks cap!
Posted by chaostrom, Jun 21 at 1:06 am
Nope. I'll do that now. Thanks for mentioning it!
Posted by chaostrom, Jun 19 at 11:40 pm
On that note, rolling pins. Equipped on Attnamese housewives so they can back up their talk. Also other such implements, like kitchen knives and pitchforks. Low level blunt, sword and polearms respectively. More variety in beginner items.
Posted by chaostrom, May 28 at 12:17 am
A lot of old games had cloud levels. They don't really make them any more. Too busy showing off fog effects.
Posted by chaostrom, May 7 at 8:45 pm
Could we improv a gas "monster" that spreads like mushrooms?
Posted by chaostrom, Apr 28 at 11:50 pm
Strongboxes are pretty rare though, and as you mentioned, we mostly put wands/scrolls in them. I was thinking wand/scroll cases would be lighter and made of more fragile materials (I was thinking wood for scrolls and leathers for wands), but with a SoCM could be made into a pretty decent replacement for a strongbox, the downsides being the need for a SoCM and the limitation on storage type, so strongboxes would still be the superior choice, if heavier.

I quite like the magic chest and portable hole ideas too.
Posted by chaostrom, Apr 28 at 7:47 am
A variety of containers would be nice. It gets pretty silly once you get around to hauling around a few chests late game. I know the icebox was brought up before, which would slow food spoiling. We could have rarer, more powerful versions equivalent to a chest (mini fridge) that prevents food spoiling and an equivalent to a large chest (large fridge) which freezes items e.g. a bottle of water becomes a bottle of ice, throw for blunt weapon training. Maybe even a rare Magic Fridge furniture, blessed by Mellis, which fills cans and bottles over time. As well as a scroll tube, a lightweight container that can hold up to x number of scrolls only. Perhaps even a suitcase for wands, a wand case.
Posted by chaostrom, Apr 24 at 11:24 pm
stoovan wrote
man made mine field

You mean there are natural mine fields? God damn, nature scary.
Posted by chaostrom, Mar 19 at 10:35 pm
I dunno about acid, but poison works fine on plants. We've had this conversation numerous times over the years Izzy.