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Posted by badbeaver, Aug 26 at 11:51 am
red_kangaroo wrote
Congrats on the challenge.

Were you using the mantle without telecontrol?

Thanks mate! I was using it without telecontrol until I got enough gold to buy a telecontrol ring from a black market. Really needed that extra survivability.

Batman? wrote
Aye carumba! Thats impressive. how did you deal with enner? wands?

I prayed to Silva and got lucky! The earthquake she summons when you pray to her, actully kills the enner beast pretty often. Earthquake scrolls also work,
Posted by badbeaver, Aug 25 at 7:29 pm
Oh man I am so freaking exhausted after this run, time to hit the deck
Posted by badbeaver, Aug 25 at 7:21 pm
So, ever since shields were buffed I wanted to do a legitimate kick only run, using two shields, and I finally got a decent start to do it. Started with 12 LStr and AStr, got a steel shield +1. Killed the big bad plant with the help of an angel, and found a mirroring wand. Exploring Gloomy caves, I found not one, not two, but THREE aegis shields, which served me very well. Explosions didn't hurt one bit, even when a kamikaze ran into me and detonated my holy banana. But even though I had an absolute ton of defense, survivability was a problem because of the time it took to kill things. Mithril boots of kicking that I stole from my good friend Decos and around 25 LStr weren't enough to rival two highly enchanted weapons. So I enchanted my Al-Khan mantle and armor to get decent hp. I forgot to save a screenshot of my final build, because I forgot that giving head of Elpuri ended the game. But, oh well. Shit happens. In the end, this run was an absolute slog. I had to use every trick I knew just to stay alive. It took 40 minutes of relentless kicking to destroy a valpurium golem. Not a fun time. I would absolutely love if this strategy was viable, but it is inferior to using weapons, which, well, isn't surprising. Also, while Aegis is cool, it is not worth using. Giving up a weapon slot for a shield should be done for a damn good reason, and while elemental resistance is cool, it can't be hardened. It'd probably be a good enough item if elemental resistance grew better with enchantment.

About the final build: It doesn't differ very much from the screenshot. Some stuff was enchanted a bit more, couldn't get a better armor or harden this one, found great gauntlents and an amulet of elemental protection, drank a bunch of ommel liquids.

Conclusion: Don't do it. It took me more time to defeat Elpuri with this build, than it took me to defeat Oree with weapons. Could be better with artificial limbs.
Posted by badbeaver, Aug 13 at 6:08 am
So, I just started the run and, as always, killed Kenny. But, after I missed my first attack, he bit off my right leg and I had to get a limb replacement and heal. After I was done, I met a hedgehog, who did the same thing but with my arm. I was tired because of running in the overworld while healing, so I couldn't escape him and met my end several meters from the entrance. Those crits, man...
Posted by badbeaver, Aug 11 at 1:41 pm
Batman? wrote
Having a bunch of pets to serve as alternate targets for the casters is nice. Also resurrected Mystic frogs make nice pets.

Good advice! I always forget that there are other ways to avoid magic damage other than equipment and stats.
Posted by badbeaver, Aug 8 at 3:52 pm
capristo wrote
Lately when I try for artificial limbs as a gift from a god the danger level screws me
Very true. But usually you can pray to silva and get a material that doesn't raise the danger level too much and is quite good for a limb. Like ommel or nymph hair.

Thanks for the tips!
Posted by badbeaver, Aug 6 at 5:08 pm
Hi! Recently, I attempted several natural limbs runs, and they seemed even easier that runs where I got artificial limbs with around 300 str/agi/dex. So, is it even worth to be going for overpowered limbs if they raise the danger level a lot? Also, which cloak do you like to use in lategame? A cloak of protection, quickness, lighting res or invisibility? Are metal gauntlets and boots worth it if you got artificial limbs? Sorry for asking so much, but lategame is extremely complex because there are so many choices to make in both equipment and strategy. Even after the 5 or so years of playing IVAN I am still not sure if the way I play the game is optimal.
Posted by badbeaver, Jul 19 at 7:27 am
So, here I was, in GC1 walking around carelessly, with almost no fire resistance. Then, out of nowhere, a gibberling throws itself onto a mine that I didn't see, and if not for his bravery, I would have stepped on it myself. Godspeed, brave lil' guy.
Posted by badbeaver, Jul 18 at 9:51 am
Hmm, I kind of want to do a wolf attack victory now