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Posted by badbeaver, Today at 5:02 am
I don't think that food in cans should be contaminated while it is being opened, maybe there should be a canning skill, and lower it is, the higher is the chance of contaminating food? It still would be very low (if the poisoning effect would be strong). Using fuel in a dungeon cannery is a good idea, because we seal cans by putting them in boiling water irl, so... I guess it is realistic. And, if there is a wand of sealing, maybe there should be a wand of unsealing, that could be used to trigger mines, open doors, ribcages, chests, walls, etc. Also, if we are adding canning, then we have to add pickles.
Posted by badbeaver, Apr 18 at 11:42 pm
Good luck!
Posted by badbeaver, Apr 18 at 9:01 am
Earlygame? Sure! Lategame? Hell no!
Posted by badbeaver, Apr 15 at 4:56 pm
As far as I know, contacting them is nigh impossible. Although, the older members can help you, but I still wouldn't count on it. I have done some digging myself, and the information about the original devs that I was able to find is very, very limited, even more limited nowadays because the original forum is long lost in the cold and dark depth of the internet.
Posted by badbeaver, Jan 9 at 3:43 pm
capristo wrote
It probably stands for Danger Level
Posted by badbeaver, Jan 3 at 2:17 am
Wow, that is very nice, but mines probably shouldn't spawn in shops
Posted by badbeaver, Dec 29, 2018 at 3:56 am
Scars are made to make your life harder. That is their purpose. In my experience, scars are inflicted pretty rarely, usually in the early game when I stepped in a bear trap or a hedgehog has jabbed me after I hit him with my bare hands. Scars make players more careful, because if you are not, then you get penalised for it. You are over exaggerating.

Azhael wrote
Also, since they're applied as penalties rather than a direct decrease to the relative stat, it means it makes training harder.

That is intended.

Azhael wrote
So, given that there's a point where training agility gets ridiculously hard and there's no way to remove the scars, you'll end up with less agility just because.

Agility training is not very useful tbh. Also, I doubt that 1 point of agility really matters.

You can remove scars. SPOILER ALERT. Click here to see text.
If it is located on a leg - then just get some broken bottles and step on them until that limb is severed, then drink a healing potion to regenerate it. Bear traps are also useful, but are more dangerous. Using a SoCM on limbs also should work, but I am not sure.

EDIT: But we probably should implement some way to cure scars. Maybe priests can cure them for a very big price, or praying to Seges while having a good relationship with her...
Posted by badbeaver, Dec 23, 2018 at 6:46 am
It is just a golem... Were you kiting him or just standing and taking hits?
Posted by badbeaver, Dec 20, 2018 at 8:49 am

* Scroll of body switch is once again unwishable.

Well, this is a good change, but I am still pretty sad... Playing as a mistress whip champion was very fun, but overpowered as hell. I should do smth else now. Maybe a run with natural limbs or only kick run, that sound fun.


* Considerably reworked Lobh-se.

Lobh-se always seemed kinda unfinished to me... Is there a reward for killing her now?


* Added crafting.

But... Why?
Posted by badbeaver, Dec 19, 2018 at 2:10 pm
How do I get an email account with an domain?.. Can I still get one?