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Posted by badbeaver, Dec 10 at 9:22 am
Batman? wrote
Are its in-game stats different from regular bronze?
It has a bit less density and a lower int requirement, but flexiblity and strength are the same.
Posted by badbeaver, Dec 7 at 1:29 am
I am just a poor student but I have enough money. I wonder if the steam regional restrictions won't let me send gifts...
Posted by badbeaver, Dec 6 at 4:26 am
I'd like to participate, but I don't know much about secret atavus. I have read about it somewhere, but I can't find where. Can someone tell me about secret atavus?
Posted by badbeaver, Nov 24 at 3:36 am
Hi! It prevents you from being teleported by anything.
Posted by badbeaver, Nov 22 at 9:35 am
red_kangaroo wrote
BTW, how was your fight with the ghost of Xinroch? Hard enough/too weak?

It was pretty balanced. Almost died because I thought that he is weak.
Posted by badbeaver, Nov 21 at 5:40 am
In my experience it didn't spoil at all, but I usually eat it pretty quickly after I find it.
Posted by badbeaver, Nov 21 at 5:35 am
So, here I was attempting a run in which I would only kick.
...And this happened. Is this intentional?
Posted by badbeaver, Nov 20 at 6:00 am
red_kangaroo wrote
Wow, that was quick! Good job.

I just got very lucky! (also I have been playing IVAN for 3 days straight)

fejoa wrote
How'd you beat the boss?

I was extremely stressed out. When I got to the final level, I had 2 +16 valpurium two handed swords, but I had almost no electricity protection, only an amulet of elemental protection. I thought that there would be something like the mage room from Lower Gloomy Caves, but I survived by teleporting around the map and killing mages one by one. Then killing Xinroch was kinda easy because I had fully upgraded gear made out of end game materials.

fejoa wrote
Yeah we made it the same score multiplier since it was indeed designed to be hell. I think there might be fewer monsters to stay in TX compared with GC, so that might have a bigger effect on the max score.

Yep, less things to kill. There is no mage room in TX, which is a blessing and a curse at the same time, because those mages are worth a lot of points.

fejoa wrote
Any suggestions for improvement of that particular dungeon?

I love TX, but it lacks the one thing that I hate the most in IVAN. The mage room. That room makes me sweat just when I see it, and I think that it would be a nice addition to the hell of TX.

Xinroch must be buffed. He should be as strong as Petrus, maybe even a bit stronger. And while his weapon looks cool, it is not too good.

Also, things like the room with shelves filled with food and the gas chamber shouldn't spawn in the secret ice room.
Posted by badbeaver, Nov 20 at 5:24 am
capristo wrote
Anyways are you sure you didn't zap the wand of teleport down the hall? Before you discovered that the island was in the path? I think I did that once as well

Nope, I didn't have a wand of teleport back then.

fejoa wrote
Did you know there's more treasure on the shore, just beyond the island??

Are you trying to trick me into dying again? There is nothing but another kamikaze dwarf there as far as I know.
Posted by badbeaver, Nov 20 at 5:19 am
fejoa wrote
Do you mean the water doesn't show in the pictures? Did the flames still go out shortly after the burning scrolls were dipped?

No, they just don't get covered in water for some reason.