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Posted by TheMasterGear, Nov 19 at 9:12 pm
stoovan wrote
Any tips on how to survive the crystal caves? Do I need any specific armor, weapons or items that would be of any help?

Make sure you have a weapon that your character is good at blocking/parrying with and have strong chest armor, around ten points should work. And don't be burned, but I think you know that.
Posted by TheMasterGear, Nov 7 at 10:25 pm
I'm still here. I'm just playing Warframe too much lately. Edit Not like you all probably care.
Posted by TheMasterGear, Oct 16 at 8:59 pm
red_kangaroo wrote
Sorry about the really late reply!
No worries! We actually got stuck on the tutorial for compiling as it's way outdated and now uses CPP files instead of O files, or the files would say they were invalid. It would help if you can tell us how to compile the source code correctly. : )

red_kangaroo wrote
It seems that you have mixed up SEARCHING and DETECTING. Searching helps you spot traps as it automatically searches your surroundings every turn. Detecting lets you detect material from time to time.
Oh, that makes sense!

red_kangaroo wrote
As a cat-man, he might also appreciate INFRA_VISION.
Yep, I gave him that too. Oddly there doesn't seem to be real night vision in the game. Infravision only sees hot things, not making the lighting look much brighter, which is how night vision would work.

red_kangaroo wrote
The problem is that wands basically just "throw damage" in a single direction and don't need to care about anything else, it's basically an energy attack. Ranged weapons would need to take into account both the launcher and the projectile (their material and other values), which might be a bit tricky, and then move the projectile in given direction, maybe give a chance to block the attack, and finally drop the projectile where it hits something.
I thought so, I wounder how hard it is to add new functions to the game. The only other way would be a melee weapon that when you throw it, it stays in your inventory, like a boomerang! Or if we still want a bow. We could make the bow a club weapon, and when you try to throw it, there's a function like the tag on thrown items that are marked for being picked up. That spawns an arrow item to throw, but the arrows only do any real damage when the bow is equipped.

red_kangaroo wrote
I think throwing uses the weapon skill, ie. thrown dagger would use Small Swords, just as wielded dagger.
So the wiki page here is wrong?

red_kangaroo wrote
Wands don't have cooldown, only magic items like the horns or magic whistle do. They can only be used once in a while, and high Mana makes this while significantly shorter. Mana currently does nothing for wands.
I didn't know horns were reuseable. I thought they worked like wands.

red_kangaroo wrote
Yes, but that has nothing to do with Wisdom. Praying to a god always makes other gods of different morality a bit angry.

Maybe high Wisdom could decrease the amount by which other gods get angry, though.
True, but it's not much of effect compared to most of the stats.

red_kangaroo wrote
Resistances have diminishing returns, but no real cap. You'd just need to pile even more resistance on to decrease the damage further, I think.
Nope, from testing, it does hard cap above 50-75 resistance. Even if I gave the player all the fire resistance items or gave them 1,000 fire resistance, it doesn't matter, it hard caps both ways or mixed. Unless lanterns and the Holy Banna Oily Orpiv don't do just fire damage when they explode.
Posted by TheMasterGear, Oct 16 at 10:20 am
MrMagolor wrote
I feel like having "traps" by the devs is really poor game design. It just encourages "ascension gear" more, unless you're a masochist.

I personally think a "meathead" run should be entirely possible without cheesing.

I 100% agree with this! I feel that we should have more variety with how we can gear up our character.
Posted by TheMasterGear, Oct 1 at 2:41 pm
red_kangaroo wrote
A new dev emerges, perhaps?

We'll see, all I've done so far is what I would call, pseudo programming. But I'm experienced at testing in games and having an understanding as to how code has to work.

red_kangaroo wrote
If you haven't seen it already, this is pretty useful.

No, I haven't, but that'll surely help. What I've learned is from the scripts, in-game, or the general wiki.

red_kangaroo wrote
Armor is really, really important in IVAN, so no armour at all would be pretty hard to pull off, but a cool challenge. I would give yourself at least searching and regeneration permanent status effects, they could make no armor run much easier.

Yes, I gave him regeneration, I wasn't so sure about searching due to the search material query pop-up every once in a while.
By the way, I didn't know there was a search function in the game. But even so, I still feel that traps should still be passively spotted more reliably with higher Perception.

red_kangaroo wrote
Perception definitely could help with spotting traps, but I don't think there should be a level where it always succeeds. I always liked diminishing returns more than hard caps, but that's me.

It should be, while searching at least, but traps at lower floors could be harder to spot?

red_kangaroo wrote
Pretty cool! New sprites for the game would definitely be welcome. I Might ask you for some location sprites, if you're willing.

Sure! But what do you have in mind, for the Black Market, perhaps?

red_kangaroo wrote
Do you mean sprites or code? Gloves/boots/belts already protect your arms/legs/groin, respectively.

The sprite, belts don't cover what's below them.

red_kangaroo wrote
There is no code for ranged weapons yet, so that would need to be added.

Could they work if they were coded the same as the wand of striking?

red_kangaroo wrote
I'm not sure I understand?

Forgive me, but that was a mistake. What I meant was if the throwing skill is displayed in-game menus, or if that skill is hidden or still unimplemented.

red_kangaroo wrote
Right now, it lets you use magic items (those with cooldown) more often.

I'm not sure what you mean by a cool down? That it's a faster turn speed to use magic items? Or that the wand can recharge?

red_kangaroo wrote
IDK if it makes the gods hate you faster. Wisdom greatly shortens the prayer timeout and increases the power of prayers (damage of Legifer's explosion etc.)

To my understanding, the Gods that are farther from the morality of the God you befriended will grow equally more hateful. As for the effectiveness, I believe that it's only based on the relationship with said God, but I can test that just to be sure.

red_kangaroo wrote
There is rubber, it just doesn't do anything against electricity yet.

Then the effect of (ElectricityResistance = 50; ) to the material work?

TheMasterGear wrote
* I don't think magic resistance should cap out.
red_kangaroo wrote
I don't think it does?

It has to, I did a test with fire resistance and shot oil lanterns with the Holy Banana of Oily Orpiv with over 100 resistance, regardless of if I used rings, cloak, or amulet, I would die or survive with 7 Hp every time.
Posted by TheMasterGear, Sep 29 at 3:15 pm
Shortly after playing the new release and getting a good run, I wanted to save quit for the day, and I accidentally terminated my game as I quit. Then after my quick ire, I when to look around in the game files, something I've done a fair bit. I even replaced a lot of sounds with my own, like a Willhelm scream on the generic hit five sound effects. I also made the mace a flanged mace instead, because I think they look cooler and work better in real life. So when I opened the script with notepad++, oh boy what I did with those files.

I started with giving myself crazy armor and weapons like Pepsi sword and chain mail. My brother got interested with Ivan for the first time and asked me to mod the player character stats to be like a different species. After a lengthy bit of testing, I came to an unusual concussion with the stats in the game.

Leg and Arm Strength was seen to scale linearly, Endurance interestingly seemed to be exponential, and Dexterity, Agility, and Perception seemed to diminish or cap out in many ways.
Agility never seemed to prevent blows, even at ludicrous levels like over five hundred, same thing for blocking rate with Dexterity. Perception didn't spot traps significantly better than at normal levels.
Also, magic resistance does cap out.

I'm not sure if this is indeed the case with the formulas, but this makes his character not work as he wants a cat-man rouge that doesn't use armor.

Thus my brother and I are giving it a shot at modding the game files for real. My brother is pretty skilled with modding and for me not so much for me, but I have a few ideas and want to share them with you guys.

* How hard is it to add new creatures or humanoids to the game?
* How do my sprites look? If you like them, would you have any requests?
* I want to remake the chest armor to look more 3D.
* I also want to change the gloves and boots to cover the whole arms shoulders and legs instead. For the belts, I wanted to change them to a piece of armor that covers their groin.
* I think full helms should decrease Perception significantly, about ninety percent or less.
* I want to make armor much realistic by having much higher DV and has a more significant stat penalty. In turn, I want weapons and material hardness to matter much more when dealing with blocking damage: for example, a steel sword cutting through copper armor after a few solid hits.
* I also want these three damage types.
1. Slashing does the most damage, but it's weak vs. all armor.
2. Stabbing works well vs. flexible armor but not rigid armor.
3. Crushing/blunt works well vs. all armor, less so to rigid and least to padded armor. This damage would be the only way to knock out a full plated enemy and go in for the kill with a knife stab.
* It seems like duel-wielding is overpowered, which is why shields and two-handing are unpowered.
* The Long sword is the only sword that has ten roundness instead of fifteen.
* Maces are so huge! I was thinking of making hammers what normal maces are and remaking the current mace.
* Maces aren't good at blocking in real life.
* Where's the poleaxe?
* Whips aren't real weapons but that okay with me for the most part, but a suitable replacement would be a flail.
* I saw a bow in the sprite folder, how hard would it be to add bows to the game?
* If throwing is a skill, is it displaced in the game?
* Perception should be better at spotting traps and at some point, should always succeed.
* Willpower maybe should prevent body part from breaking at zero hit points?
* Charisma could be buffed by talking to the enemy to pacify them or neutral characters to join you.
* Does Mana stat make wands, holy books, or scrolls last longer?
* It would be cool if the player size and weight could change at the start or during the gameplay.
* Wisdom seems rather useless to me if it makes the gods hate you faster at higher levels of Wisdom. Also, I think Wisdom should do more than what it does.
* There's no rubber/insulators in the material list; it would be good for boots to make lighting magic not so dangerous.
* DV should block fire damage.
* I don't think magic resistance should cap out.
* For the overworld much like Zelda II. I think what would be cool if on each title you could explore a randomly generated environment based on the if it forset, grass, sand, or snow. That way, the player doesn't starve when they're out in the wild and wandering the world would have more of a point to it.
* Staffs are terribly heavy/hard to wield.
* Dagger and short swords seem more like short swords and arming swords.
* Wrestling from Dwarf Fortress would be a great add on, especially with the armor changes.
* Armor should be a skill just like weapons to block your weakest spots just like Dwarf Fortress and move around better.
* Why does bone rot?
* While normal axes aren't the best weapons in IRL, they could be suitable for applying to cut through wood walls and chop down trees.

Sorry if this seems like a whole lot of spam, but I think a lot these ideas would cool to add, and I would like to hear what you guys think and or clear up and misconceptions I have.
Posted by TheMasterGear, Sep 8 at 3:42 pm
Yeah, I'm waiting for the fix to the anvil, so that it doesn't keep exploding into smithereens before I can craft a single weapon. Also, that poison extraction always results in crashing.
Posted by TheMasterGear, Jul 24 at 7:27 pm
MrMagolor wrote
Split shields up into different types, similar to swords: where the current "shield" would be the equivalent of a long sword. Bucklers would be the equivalent of a short sword, and tower shields would be likewise for bastard/twohanded swords.

So what be the difference between them be? Have the smaller ones have lower volume and arm strength requirement, and the opposite for the bigger ones?
Posted by TheMasterGear, Jul 24 at 7:19 pm
Ischaldirh wrote

In short, lighter weapons never become truly obsolete. In fact, in a way they get better: with enough enchantment, even an iron dagger can do as much damage as a valpurium two-handed sword. But, the sword does not train your dexterity nearly as much, and dexterity is (arguably) a better stat to have a lot of than arm strength.

Sweet! I was usually trying to push my character to duel-wield two-hand weapons as soon as I could. Maces are my favorite due to the fact of their great blocking and low strength requirement compared to the other two-hand weapons. I should give daggers and short swords more of a chance.

red_kangaroo wrote
Shields were already buffed and can be pretty good now. In early game, especially if you have no armour, shields can provide the much needed AV, plus will block some blows. Later, you can get huge AV from metal shields, and shields of light metals are extremely good at protecting you, at the cost of some offense. I'd say they are at least competitive now, unlike before.

It felt like they must have been rebalanced compared to the amount of disdain they get, for the most part.

I actually use them a lot, but I never got far enough to see if they got worse in the end game.

The only reason I think tanking doesn't work well is that heath raises the danger level far too much. Thus tanks have to have low heath, making them flimsy once their armor is penetrated.
Posted by TheMasterGear, Jul 24 at 6:52 pm
That's a great idea! I was always ending up with thousands of gold and wondering if I shouldn't be selling stuff anymore. This would usually happen shortly after finding the second shop. Also for shops, when I'm not aligned with Seges. I would then buy out all the food in the shops and would be on the verge of starving most of the time. Having more food or banana restocks in the shop would help a lot with this problem.

I hope we see more additions to the world map.