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Posted by Kuzma2, May 4, 2014 at 7:29 pm

I played this version a year before and noticed an interesting thing:
1. There were magic mushrooms that occupied dungeon levels (in underwater tunnel branch) - up to 50% of level is filled with them. First they were causing problems, but later I begun farming on them, having 20-22 stat points. Eventually they were polymorphing themselves into adamant golems and other interesting enemies, which was funny.
I don't remember such thing in LIVAN. Possibly, it is a CLIVAN bug (or feature).

And if you can spend some time on CLIVAN, I would suggest to fix issue:
2. Assasins' body parts have negative mass... So at some point I found myself farming assasins, killing them with wands of fireballs and disentegration (which I cloned for that), having 50+ their bodyparts in my backpack... And this thing spoils the game (in my opinion).

And suggestion, which seems to be easy to implement:
3.1 Offer items to god not one-by-one, but the whole stack of items laying on floor.
Rationale: if I have 30+ items to offer, doing it one by one is wearing me down; I sometimes consider to play without (minor) gods at all.
3.2 (Controversial, will simplify gameplay considerably). Allow to offer items outside an altar, at any place.
Rationale: I'm tired to carry large amounts of lamps, cheap weapons and etc. to altars when I just need to increase relations with god. In game Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup it is done like I suggested above: you need to pray over stack of items to sacrifice them.