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Posted by Konradexius, Jun 7, 2008 at 4:34 pm
slob wrote
yeah, awesome. I meant what game day, ie day 10, 11?

When you asked, I realized that it wouldn't surprise me at all if there was some subtle thing that changed based on the real-life day.... Hey, ADOm did it. >_>

Again, I don't remember exactly, but I think my first guess would be 8 or 9.
Posted by Konradexius, Jun 7, 2008 at 2:43 pm
Had a character get warped to GC 4 through a pool form GC 1. On my way back up, I went up the stairs that should've brought me to GC 2, but instead I found myself standing in the octiron room on the golden portal that leads to Oree's lair. After staring flabbergasted at the screen for several seconds, I went through the portal and was disemboweled by mistress warladies with +6 whips before I got a turn.

Oh, and the turn-into-a-werewolf-while-over-water-with-a-belt-of-levitation thing has happed to me as well. -_-
Posted by Konradexius, Jun 7, 2008 at 1:30 pm
Oh, well, I did use scitalk, but it was all scrolls and I think one can of ommel cerumen from about 35 up. I probably went through more than 30 wand of cloning/mirroring charges just to make scrolls.

@Slob - Strengths were both 300 due to GEF limbs, speeds were both 100, reduced by my gear to I think 88/78, I think my endurance was in the 22-24 area, (yay Mellis) int of 49, wis of ~38, and I don't really remember my perception or charisma, but I do remember noting at one point that all of my stats were above 22. Also, it was a Thursday.

@capristo - Didn't have the foresight to take screencaps, unfortunately, but I can produce a screencap of the High Score entry is anyone asks.
Posted by Konradexius, Jun 5, 2008 at 9:58 pm
This afternoon, Henry XV defeated Oree, claimed the Shirt of the Golden Eagle, returned to Attnam, and vanquished Petrus to become High Priest.

I can only assume that I was naturally good at training INT, because I was able to get it to 40+ just by reading books and scrolls. I was wielding a whip of thievery and an adamantine longsword that GC 1 so kindly bestowed upon me. I eventually made the whip phoenix feather, and both were enchanted to +14 by the time I won. I found 2 Holy bananas, both of which I ate for stats. The first one provided that satiation I needed to fight the Sumo wrestler a couple times and get myself the belt of levitation.

I dedicate this win to my brother, because I found the bones file of his best character ever on GC 11, which provided a much-needed amulet of ESP, and a ridiculous quantity of wands, scrolls, and other loot, including two 3-charge wands of cloning, 4 scrolls of charging, 2 scrolls of wishing, a helm of brilliance +8, and a valpurium 2-handed sword +14. This character had been killed by Sherry, but since the previous floor contained a bones file for one of my old characters, who had also been killed by Sherry, she wasn't there a second time.

I killed every unique baddy except for Ischaldrih and Sherry. The former because if he did spawn, I never saw him, and the latter because at the time I didn't feel like tempting fate, and wasn't yet as uber as I was when I took on Oree.

I must sadly admit that I did use artificial limbs, eventually turning all my limbs in golden eagle feather. (I did NOT use the cerumen trick. Swear to God. A natual INT of ~49 and a helm of brilliance +8 was all I needed.)

This was actually my first win of any sort, and only my 3rd character to kill Elpuri. (First 2 went through the portal, got killed.)

Ah, and to think I used to fear Rondol. Now I look forward to slaughtering Ur-Khan.
Posted by Konradexius, Jun 5, 2008 at 9:28 pm
On the main menu, it says version 0.50. There may be more to the number, but it's cut off after that if so.
Posted by Konradexius, Jun 4, 2008 at 11:31 am
Well, for me at least, if I get my skill with one particular weapon to 64, but leave the skill for that weapon type at 19 or below, I didn't notice skeletons/zombies getting supertough.

And I know the plants aren't always worth 10 points. But they're worth the full 10 for a good long while, and even if they stop being worth 10 before you get to the desired skill level, they should still be worth 6-8 for a while.
Posted by Konradexius, Jun 4, 2008 at 10:12 am
Recently, I've found that a good way to beef up your character's effective power is to farm weapon skill back in UT3. As long as you haven't been too deep into the Gloomy Cave, greater and giant carniverous plants are worth 10 points a blow, and the kiwis they drop can keep you fed as long as you need.

Anyway, the other day I had a character wielding Mjolak who spend a hella long time killing plants. I decided I'd get my skill with Mjolak up to 20 before leaving. So, I get it to 19, then keep going for a while...

My skill jumped from 19 to 64!

Pleasantly surprised, I went through the gloomy cave, butchering things at my leisure, (Includeding Ur-Khan) until I got savaged by Sherry. Oh well.

Several characters later, I once again delved into UT3 to farm skill, this tme with 2 mithril longswords. I found that since longswords are much better for blocking than Halberds, (or maybe it was just because I had 2 of them) I could stand next to Genetrix and hold down the wait button until she and 7 greater/giant carniverous plants were constanting biting at me, while I deflected most of their attacks. This time, I wanted my skill with longswords at 20 as well, to see if it would make a similar jump.

Sure enough, it went from 19 to 65. That's a 325% battle bonus!

But here's the kicker - I don't know if it was because it was day 6, or because of my crazy skillz, but the monsters got nasty. For example, a wolf got up next to me and bit me in the chest, breaking my +7 mithral plate mail and doing about 50 damage. A greater carniverous plant attacked me, and I partially blocked with both weapons, which ended up breaking my +8 mithral longsword.

I ended up dying to Elpuri after I got polymorphed into a young carniverous mutant bunny. Must've been a wand of polymorph on the ground nearby that I didn't see.


Has anyone else tried training their weapon skill this much? Results? I'd like to know if I'm really on to something here.
Posted by Konradexius, Jun 4, 2008 at 9:51 am
Just had the darnedest thing happen to me - strange enough that I wanted to register just to post it.

Had a character that teleported via a pool to GC 4 when he was on GC 1. So, I start heading back upn to explore the levels I missed. But when I tried to go up to floor 2 from floor 3, I instead ended up in a golden room, standing on a golden portal, with a metric crapton of high-level monsters. So, I went through the portal, ended up in Oree's lair, and got disemboweled by a mistresses and dark knights before I could move.

Anything like this happened to anyone else?