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Posted by Brian_Damage, Feb 25 at 2:01 am
Hey, just got this pic attached. I was trying to go from one level to an already-existing level in a dungeon.

When I try to load the backup, I get "problem, but character was moved to requested location 63", then "PROBLEM! Requested location 63,7 has no character or an NPC"

I've attached the save files here (the ".doc" is actually a renamed .zip). The game did load the backup after typing "y" to both those messages.
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Save.doc (1.41 MB)
Posted by Brian_Damage, Feb 24 at 4:18 am
Ah, I guess I'll just wish for other things until it's fixed, then.

Maybe there's a wrongly polarised bool check somewhere? A missing or surplus "!" perhaps? That'd explain why the fairly precise "wand of polymorph" gets "be more precise!" while the imprecise "wand polymorph" gets a guess-like delivery of a ring of polymorph. It's like it's skipping a high-similarity data entity and going for the next nearest match.
Posted by Brian_Damage, Feb 23 at 10:41 pm
Hey, all, long time player, first time poster.

Can't seem to wish for the Wand of Polymorph any more? If I type "wand of polymorph" or "Wand of Polymorph" the genie just tells me to be more precise. Same happens if I try something like "wand of polymorph five charges".

Script files don't indicate it's unwishable, so I doubt this is intentional. Is it a bug or am I screwing up the phrasing somehow? If I type (IIRC) "wand polymorph" or "polymorph wand" I just end up with a ring of polymorph. Is it expecting "octiron wand of polymorph", something like that?

A little annoying since I wasted two oil lamps in one game trying to get this.