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Posted by 4zb4, Dec 11, 2008 at 8:00 pm
*Make sure you can get some equipment that has fire protection before going into GC.

*If a hattifattener shows up, stay well away and let it clear out the level for you

*Hattifatteners make good friends if you have electricity resistance

*Using enough bottles of sulphuric acid, it is possible to slaughter all the banana growers in New Attnam to steal their equipment and get a vitually unending supply of bananas

*Don't fight kamakazi dwarfs up close

*Take some time after getting to Attnam to collect and sell things to get better armour and weapons from the shop

*Try not to be burdened, it impacts your combat effectiveness.

*It's always fun to edit the script to give you some starting equipment

more from me later, maybe i'll make a whole thread
Oh, and I use IVAN 0.50 incase anything is different for the other versions