ommel bone

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can ommel bone rot? I know ommel tooth can.
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Yes. Takes a while.
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Ommel bone as far as CLIVAN goes....

Ommel bone can be eaten by kenny the puppy.

had a bad experience today,
Dive into cave
Spot an "Ommel bone dagger of venom +3"
Awesome find!
Kenny eats the Ommel bone dagger of venom +3
Kenny finishes eating the Ommel bone dagger of venom +3
....Are you kidding me!?

*kicks dog*
Dog bites my head off.
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" wrote
MadHatter"]*kicks dog*
Dog bites my head off.

Yes Ommel bone and ommel tooth give large stat bonuses to animals that can eat bone. somewhere on the forum there is a post of someone who tamed abunch of wolves and pimped their stats with ommel bone to defeat petrus (If I am remembering it correctly)
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Oh yes, you certainly are remembering correctly.
Feed an ommel bone armor to wolves or blink dogs and enjoy the show.
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Yup, that's one of the oldest threads. Much like what's just happened here, Al discovered that Kenny got huge stat boosts, then I recommended he use wolves instead.