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I just had 2(!) turox's spawned on UT2 along with a CoFR. Im in Attnam now selling off the loads of eqiuipment and trtying to figure out what to do. should I enchant up my cloak(i would anyway) and dual wield the turoxes (turrii?)? My only concern was the last time i wielded on turox there was noticble jump in the danger level, would 2 make it extreme?
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turoxes (turrii?)

Meh, what's with people making such horrible Scabies-raped Latin plurals? It'd be 'turoces' or 'turoges'. (or maybe ye good olde English plural: turoxen, like oxen)

I'm not an expert on danger level, but don't items in your inventory count too? Dual-wielded turoxes sound pretty cool if you're not concerned about blowing your face off.
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Well it would be fun, the only prob is you end up shattering potions and wands before you pick them up.
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This is true. However the ability to utterly rape gangs of enemies would probably be invaluable on the Big Room level, and probably would help with clearing out all the smaller frogs if/when you get to Elpuri. Just make sure to wield something else in the minefield.

To be honest I haven't gotten to use Turox that much -- I usually find it broken and die before fixing it, or die shortly after I start using the thing. The one time I DID use it I had it paired with Neerc se'Ulb, and I ended up dropping it for a second Neerc because that mace is badass.
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The two turoxes have not had a significant increase in enemies difficulty (and Iam wasting badguys by the score!), however when i put on the AoLS i found on GC4, Kamikazee dwarves started coming out of the woodwork.
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It is mostly because from what I seen... The difficulty only takes Attributes, Damage, and Armor Bonus into consideration

Hense items that give status effects (beneficial) or have other abilities don't SEEM to be taken into consideration or if they are they are not balanced as harshly are raw armor or damage. (Hense why my Artifact lucky runs tend to go so well)