favorite early game finds.


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I found a wand of polymorph in the attnam shop. One of my favorite items to get early. Anyone else have a favorite?
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There's a thread for this kind of thing already.

But this is a little different, so I won't lock it.
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and that thread is from 2008 - so maybe having people reiterate their positions may be good for the forum. Just saying.
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Date is pretty irrelevant in a forum so inactive. One of the biggest threads on the forum is from 2007 and I do not see anyone complaining about that one.
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true, true.
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Heck man I've even lost track of threads from only a couple of months ago.
My favourite early game find has got to be a wand of teleportation.
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Bone files.

Especially UT2 bone file with an unused lamp and Varmis. My most stupid death ever, but paid of for the lucky finder.
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lyre of charm = charmed cathedral dwarves = valpurium sword/shield
wand cloning or mirroring
a wish
mellis and segis (school food/removes foul liquid from your veins)
ring of polycontrol = drinking from fountains = rings stats boosts and wishes
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OK, I reconsidered and decided that wand of polymorph is the single most bestest item you can ever find early.

Today, I found it on UT1 and decided to polypile some random trash. On the first try, I got huge amount of food and some holy books, but most importantly bronze pickaxe, so I could dig down walls of the room and polypile the sticks. The wand turned out to have five charges, and the third one got me an oil lamp with a wish, so I wished for an amulet of elemental protection.

In the end, I got one wish, a pickaxe, a runed ommel hair whip, a broken iron thunder hammer, a cloak of invisibility, a single gauntlet of strength +1, two carrots, some food and healing liquid, some scrolls and wands, including wand of teleportation for Jenny, plus holy book of Loricatus so I could easily fix the hammer. Polypiling is awsome.

Also, even with that amount of luck, I still haven't died of RNG backlash. I'm expecting it every second now.
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I agree about the wand of poly being a great early game find. I actually think early game wishes are sort of a waste, because i always hold onto them until i clear down to GC4 to see what I need.
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I like polypiling too, especially for the carrots. Seems like carrots are generated pretty commonly, they just get eaten up so quickly by the other monsters. Usually after polypiling I end up with ~40 perception, which is awesome