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windows binaries: 2017, Nov, 7

yes, i know that there are enough of them already, but here is mine. let's name in k8IVAN.

basically, it's official CVS plus backports from LIVAN (IVANX), CLIVAN (additional dungeons, monsters, npcs and weapons), and comm. fork, plus some UI improvements and other small things i like to change.

and what is cool, it compiles with g++ 5.3 without warnings!

bad news:
• GNU/Linux and m$ windoze (but i'm not sure you can build it itself, especially for windoze);
• build system based on my fork of JAM;
• all bug reports and feature requests will happily go to /dev/null (well, almost all);
• except if you want to get credits, 'cause i used your code;
• development process is not very active — i can forget about it for ten years and then SUDDENLY! decide to add some useless feature;
• source code style slowly mutating to mine (so no easy diffs for other forks).

ah, i nearly forgot to tell you where you can get it: here it is!

if you want to try it (GNU/Linux only):
• you need to guess where my fork of JAM build tool can be downloaded, download it and build it;
• then you need to downoad source code;
• then you need to build I.V.A.N.;
• then you need to execute binary;
• then you will see cool segfault.

or just download the sources and use shell script.

or just download self-contained windoze build from the attachement.

entities can be extended or redefined. just prepend item name with 'Redefine' or 'Extend' keywords.
it is useful for modding — it allows to avoid editing of the original item.dat. 'Extend' can add new configs or alter parameters, 'Redefine' allows completely redefine already defined items.

btw, my fork will report unknown chars/items instead of segfaulting.


bye, and happy hacking.

BTW: i will never port 3D mode, don't even dream about it.

for all linux users: i added shell script which can be used to build binary without my build system. you will need SDL, SDL_Mixer for sound and libpng1.6.

p.s. Vasiliy is good communist. good communists never learn English.
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The additional things from IVANX are from LIVAN, not original to IVANX.
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tnx, but it really doesn't matter at all, 'cause there are no proper credits yet. i know the origins, but i'm porting things from IVANX, so i mentioned IVANX. i can change the description if it really matters for anyone. but i think that this is of no value, 'cause i doubt anybody will be able to build my fork anyway.

besides, they aren't working yet.
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added some info to the first post; added credits to AUTHORS file.
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to see my ubercool modding system in action one can download the sources and take a look in Scripts directory. it's cool, believe me!
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I dunno how many people here subscribe to pure Linux. I know I'm not one of them, so I got nothing to say.
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Impressive regardless. Lenox tried porting to linux back at greatboards and he gave up.
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I just feel it's really hard to be impressed by something that I can't use for a game I can, which to boot does not appear to have anything I as an end user can really appreciate (what good is a better mod system going to do me if the mods that can be made with it are only gonna be good on a particular brand of Linux?). When you say "come on guys it's really cool" it's kind of not gonna do any good if I don't have anything at all to go on beyond "I made something I think is neat but it only works on this oooooooone distro of Linux and then you also have to guess what I'm using for this other program to make it work"; I already took your advice to forget about the page (and only started caring when it started looking like you were looking for feedback 'cause you were expecting more) since I can't really make use of it and won't get even any tangential benefits.

(note: if this was something like a Mac-only roguelike, I'd hope I'd at least have screenshots and a little knowledge of the workings and presuming I had that I'd then be able to say something of worth like "looks neat, too bad it's Mac-only" or "I dunno, that mechanic sounds iffy"; this is some behind-the-scenes stuff that may be nice but I don't really futz with that much at all so even if I could look at it I would have very little ability to figure out whether it was good, bad, or a crock, and as mentioned since this is a GNU-only thing I'm pretty sure any mods made with it are gonna be GNU-only too, which cuts me out of the aforementioned tangential benefits of having a cool mod of the game, thus my interest is limited solely to your reaction to... not having any feedback! Well, you cut out enough of the potential audience, that's gonna happen)
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You misunderstand me. Of course it's hard to be impressed as a gamer when you can't experience it. However many people have inquired after a linux port of IVAN over the years, and to see one after so many have given up on it is impressive. Also, I believe herself and cizra are linux users, they may be able to use the improved modding system on IVAN development.
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I was sort of half responding to you and half responding to vasilly, but anyway; I hadn't heard about the Linux port stuff so that's great for Linux users. Also while herself and cizra do use Linux, the impression I get is that this isn't exactly a portable thing goin' on here; if it's good enough, I guess they might work it into the Windows port somehow, but I dunno if that's gonna happen or not, soooooo kinda not feelin' it. Just my two cents on the whole thing.
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2BDR: port it back to windoze shouldn't be very hard (except that i will not take that patches, so brave porting hero have to watch my development process closely), 'cause there are zero to none non-portable code (well, one or two functions maybe). actually, i don't care what is going on in that windoze gloomy lands, and i have no windoze to build it myself.

>and as mentioned since this is a GNU-only thing I'm pretty sure any mods made with it are gonna be GNU-only too
not exactly right. script mods are good for any IVAN, and source code mods can be patched to any IVAN. for now i'm thinking about flexible modding system that will allow creating new things without source code pathces, but don't hold your breath.

2chaostrom: IVAN CVS was not so hard to build back than. and then i just removing warnings and add things one by one, slowly.

2BDR: since it's GPL, any dev can take my improvements to script loader (it's only couple of functions, nothing really challenging) and incorporate in any other IVAN variant. i can point to interesting places. i myself already converted LIVAN scripts to mods. it's funny and ... manageable. %-)
also, building is not that hard at all for any GNU/Linux user who knows something beyond the fancy stupid GUIs.
besides, it can be build on any descent GNU/Linux disto -- that's why i'm not providing any binaries: they aren't useful.

actually, i want to have a 'modding system' in IVAN. my work is the start of it, i hope. 'cause i want it to find it's way to another IVANs, i points to the sources. other developers should take a look and made something better (i hope). and i assume that developer is able to build my fork on his favorite OS.

well, i don't care much if someone will use my fork or not (I am using it, it's enough for me), i'm just posting announces for those who may be interested, but don't want to dig thru the code to find the most impressive things. i have no plans to make another Brave New IVAN, i'm just improving/rewriting the things that annoys me. and i thought that someone else can be interested too. and this is the main (only?) IVAN site.

btw, i ported sound code.

p.s. linuxoids will hate me too, 'cause i don't give a shit about x64 (or any other non intel-32-bit arch).

p.p.s. but thanks for all your answers. ok, i lied, i wanted to know what others think.
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after receiving such good-hearted reaction to my excellent fork, i finally decided to give you a windoze build!

unpack it in any dir and run.
WARNING! it will want to write in that dir, so don't mess with the rights.
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Awesome. I'll have to take look at that improved modding capability when I've got some time.
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for now it's far from finished. VASYA scripting engine is almost complete, but not bindings. and no docs for now.

yet i believe that in the end one will be able to add new cities, items, NPCs, etc without recompiling IVAN code.

so stay tuned and report bugs even if the game says you shouldn't. %-)
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Very nice work vasiliy.
I found a bug, I don't know if it's just your version, or LIVAN, or what, but when you find a bone it will say the material, which is redundant. I found "a bone bone" and "an ommel bone bone". I guess it's not technically a bug, but a grammar issue.
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It's a bug present in LIVAN, as well as Vanilla IVAN. When you give an object more than one material, the game makes a point about showing exactly which material the item is made of. In LIVAN, there are bones made of bone, and Ommel bone bones, therefore a normal bone is called a "bone bone" and an ommel bone a "ommel bone bone". It's present in vanilla IVAN, but only visible through modding the scripts. E.g. Modding a mine to have the possibility of being made out of both iron and steel. ("steel mine" "iron mine" )
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>Very nice work vasiliy.

>I found "a bone bone" and "an ommel bone bone"
it's the bug in original IVAN, as 4zb4 said. i've seen that, and added to TOFIX list, but for now i'm busy with the scripting engine. i will fix it for sure, but i have some fatal bugs in TOFIX too, and those must be fixed first.

what i really want to hear is the toughts about my "modding system": what should be added there, what should be removed or rewritten (except scripting), is it usable at all, etc.

and i want to know how all of you want me to tell about new windoze builds. just update the first post and make a notice here, or something else? maybe there are some services that can be used for this?

btw, there is one new item: moneybag. it can be 'a'pplied to get the money out of it (it's not a container, so it can't be 'o'pened). have to add some effects when it is offered to god, etc. maybe with scripting engine.
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I haven't had a chance to look at your scripting engine yet but I will comment when I do.

You can just update your first post for now... as you can see on the left there is a downloads section where other IVAN coders can upload their variants. Right now it is broken but I'm working on fixing the website so I'll let you upload your files here too if you'd like.
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scripting engine is not there yet. for now only 'includes' and 'extensions' are there (just take a look in Scripts folder, it's fun %-). but i'm 90% finished the engine itself (it resembles javascript alot). the hard part is 'bindings', to allow the engine accessing game internals. i have some ideas though.

>as you can see on the left there is a downloads section where other IVAN coders can upload their variants
yes, i've seen it. but my fork is WIP, and i assume that download section is for more or less stable versions. anyway, it's not really hard for me to update the post and upload another version when it's ready.

btw, my version reports about missing item/npc/etc definitions in dat files, and original just crashing. this feature itself is valuable, i think. %-)
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preview of upcoming scripting language. i'm slowly working on I.V.A.N. bindings for it. planned release date: 2125. stay tuned
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some improvements:
* no more 'bone bones';
* much improved 'go' command.

windoze URL updated.
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windoze build updated.

* several small bugfixes;
* windows-addicted users now can enjoy savegame screenshots (select 'continue game' and say 'WOW!');
* windows now has sounds (just download soundpack from LIVAN and turn sound on in config).

known bugs:
* game sometimes crashing when creating UT2, etc. dunno why.

windoze URL in the 1st post updated.

p.s. i can't see your hands! i mean -- does somebody play in this shit, or i can stop trashing the forum? %-)
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and immediate update:

game now asks you if you want to save screenshot when you dies. it's much easier now to publish your awesome death story with nice picture!
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just for fun: New Attnam can be freed from imperialist. this will give you free bananas and free healing from the priestess of Silva. priestes of Silva will return to her temple too.

also, assassin's corpse weight is not negative.
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This variant is shaping up to be good. The control flow enhancements are nice. I got sound to work by adding into the ivan_w32 directory the "Sound" folder from Ivan3D. Good luck with the scripting engine, I think it will be a fun tool for the community.