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When i make the zombies the zombies are slow and stupied, but when i go down or up a level they somehow teleport to me...?
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Alright well any enemy close to you will not only follow you up the stairs but will actually (due to a freek law of science) beat you there
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thats messed up, although its nice sometimes when your about to die or something like that...
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Those are his pets not enemies, Neonivek.
Pets are sometimes annoying and get in the way, but as long as they are nearby you when you go up and down levels, they will follow you up the stairs. Not exactly teleporting.
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Ohh I thought that heart was blood...
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if a pet is more powerful than you and you want to get them out of the way just move to an adjacent square to them and command then not to follow you - presto they switch places with you. Sometimes they don't switch but on the turn after you tell them not to follow they will switch if you move onto their tile.