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This afternoon, Henry XV defeated Oree, claimed the Shirt of the Golden Eagle, returned to Attnam, and vanquished Petrus to become High Priest.

I can only assume that I was naturally good at training INT, because I was able to get it to 40+ just by reading books and scrolls. I was wielding a whip of thievery and an adamantine longsword that GC 1 so kindly bestowed upon me. I eventually made the whip phoenix feather, and both were enchanted to +14 by the time I won. I found 2 Holy bananas, both of which I ate for stats. The first one provided that satiation I needed to fight the Sumo wrestler a couple times and get myself the belt of levitation.

I dedicate this win to my brother, because I found the bones file of his best character ever on GC 11, which provided a much-needed amulet of ESP, and a ridiculous quantity of wands, scrolls, and other loot, including two 3-charge wands of cloning, 4 scrolls of charging, 2 scrolls of wishing, a helm of brilliance +8, and a valpurium 2-handed sword +14. This character had been killed by Sherry, but since the previous floor contained a bones file for one of my old characters, who had also been killed by Sherry, she wasn't there a second time.

I killed every unique baddy except for Ischaldrih and Sherry. The former because if he did spawn, I never saw him, and the latter because at the time I didn't feel like tempting fate, and wasn't yet as uber as I was when I took on Oree.

I must sadly admit that I did use artificial limbs, eventually turning all my limbs in golden eagle feather. (I did NOT use the cerumen trick. Swear to God. A natual INT of ~49 and a helm of brilliance +8 was all I needed.)

This was actually my first win of any sort, and only my 3rd character to kill Elpuri. (First 2 went through the portal, got killed.)

Ah, and to think I used to fear Rondol. Now I look forward to slaughtering Ur-Khan.
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Jeez... everyone wins but me...


Congrats on the win! :)
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Join the club BG

Congrats on the win Konrad!
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Congratulations! I wouldn't call artificial legs cheating, just making the game very damn easy and less challenging

Jeez... everyone wins but me...

Oh, and me. But one day, I'll join the club too - with a head of Elpuri (and knowing my luck, I'll die killed by a hedgehog on a way up or vomit on Petrus instead of giving him the head)
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vomit on Petrus

"Here I bring you the head of *BLAAAAAAAAARGH*"
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wow, first win is high priest. impressive, even with GEF limbs. 49 int from scrolls and books, I've never done that - you must have had an ubersmart char. I always have to sci talk to get 50 wis/int. what were you other stats and what day was it.
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Any screenshot with stats? Make sure to add yourself to the honor rolls on the wiki
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Oh, well, I did use scitalk, but it was all scrolls and I think one can of ommel cerumen from about 35 up. I probably went through more than 30 wand of cloning/mirroring charges just to make scrolls.

@Slob - Strengths were both 300 due to GEF limbs, speeds were both 100, reduced by my gear to I think 88/78, I think my endurance was in the 22-24 area, (yay Mellis) int of 49, wis of ~38, and I don't really remember my perception or charisma, but I do remember noting at one point that all of my stats were above 22. Also, it was a Thursday.

@capristo - Didn't have the foresight to take screencaps, unfortunately, but I can produce a screencap of the High Score entry is anyone asks.
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Konradexius wrote
Also, it was a Thursday.

yeah, awesome. I meant what game day, ie day 10, 11?
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slob wrote
yeah, awesome. I meant what game day, ie day 10, 11?

When you asked, I realized that it wouldn't surprise me at all if there was some subtle thing that changed based on the real-life day.... Hey, ADOm did it. >_>

Again, I don't remember exactly, but I think my first guess would be 8 or 9.
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Congrats. Winning this game is something that I will never achieve. I have lost hope completely, but I don't care. Now my only goal is to find new ways to die in this game.
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Scheming Squirrel

Congrats Konrad! You deserve a cookie!
I'm with a promising character, got some uber equipment and going down the Dragons Cave, on IVANT.
Maybe this is a win?
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Nah, when your character seems like he could stop anything, thats when the game kicks his ass the hardest
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Usually, yes. Remember Freelance's god-like character? Killed by a limbless dwarf's bite to the groin while training. That was through an enchanted adamantine belt too. Craaazy
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chaostrom wrote
Usually, yes. Remember Freelance's god-like character? Killed by a limbless dwarf's bite to the groin while training.
Whaddya mean? Is this something I've missed, or..?
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I think he means he was trying to train his stats. So he let the dwarf attack him without caring so that he can raise his endurance or something
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Hahaha, yes! I had completely forgotten the fellow... I'd still love to have him back. =)
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You know, it's a bit disturbing if you think about it. I have a mental image of keeping an armless midget in your cellar for training purposes instead of going to a gym...

Oh, and the death brings a Shawshank Redemption quote to memory:

"All right. But you should know that sudden serious brain injury causes the victim to bite down hard. In fact, I hear the bite reflex is so strong they have to pry the victims jaws open with a crowbar."

Also, here's my proposal for a new challenge: Killing Petrus on Thursdays only.