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We have a loose veteran kamikaze dwarf everybody. Please stay calm. Jackal triggered a mine which set him free!

Encountered him once and teleported him away. But I way underestimated that vampire. RIP.
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That is seriously inconvenient when it happens.
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I'm not familiar with the tomb of Xinroch, can you please explain what's wrong there?
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There’s supposed to be 2 veteran kamikaze dwarves in the screenshot. One on the island is there but the other is supposed to be where I am. They’re both locked in by the water but the second one escaped
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I found the bone of Ullr and...

SPOILER ALERT. Click here to see text.
used it to zap the dwarf on the island until he died. Took 5 strikes. The bone acts similar to a wand of striking. Of course... out of sight, those bursts of energy were also destroying the walls beyond the island, and once again setting free the other dwarf. This time I didn't even realize it until he was a few steps away and killed me.
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An exposed land mine combining with your wand would be more efficient.
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Another one escaped! I encountered him just a few steps into entering TX. I'm not really sure why he wasn't moving... I think he was drinking a potion on the floor.

That gave me time to escape and head back to Attnam. Desperately searched the shops to see if there was anything I could do and I lucked out.

SPOILER ALERT. Click here to see text.
There was a wand of polymorph. I had to trade in my beautiful artifact mask (forget the name, but it was +1 Int, +1 Wis, and +1 Willpower) in order to afford it. But when I went back to TX I was able to zap him and kill him. As a bonus it turned an item on the floor into a helmet of brilliance so that was a nice consolation for temporarily losing the mask

Sadly that dwarf mine room got me. So stupid. I was 's'earching cautiously multiple times every step but I still missed a land mine.

So I had a helmet of brilliance, mithril two-handed sword +5, soulsteel plate armor, meteoric steel boots, lyre of charm, 1 leg that was changed material (dream cloth or something). So even with all that heavy equipment still had 35 Agility. Was up to 19 charisma, 16 Int. Ahhh, RIP.
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I released the one behind the palm island today by exploding his buddy on the island. It seems that if you use a wand of fireballs and the island dwarf is standing all the way on the right, the right wall will not survive the two explosions. Fortunately, I set off the other too before he had a chance to get closer.

BTW, that level with the priestess of Infuscor that constantly summons new creatures is brutal. Even if I go and kill her, she often manages to get several necromancers and they keep zombifying anything I kill. Do you have some clever strategy for this?