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I posted this before the last meltdown and it went something like this:

Kill Petrus with Elpuri's head.

Petrus:"Bring me the head of Elpuri"
You:"Here ya go biatch" *whacks Petrus with elpuri's head*

The conditions:

- no artifical limbs
- no ommel cerumen chest exploit
- no killing named baddies with kick ass pets (eg. Archangels)
- killing blow to Petrus must be with Elpuri's head
- kill Ur Khan, Golgor Dhan, and Sherarax
- SoCMing Elpuri's head into something wieldable is OK

I'm on my third try. !st attempt I was nut shotted by Ur Khan before I had enough HP. Second attempt had 400+ HP 40 AS (without gloves of strength) 40 Dex (without gloves of dex) clad in all mithrill gear (Elite guard) but I only had 22 INt, and no ESP amulet. Went to GC7 with one infravision ring figuring I could kill the mystic frog - he zapped my ring of infravision away and the I got one-shotted a few turns later by what turned out to be an invisible Golgor Dhan.

Third try so far: killed Ur Khan and Golgor Dhan (melee with traps) 44 AS 37 Dex, 381 HP 23 AGI, 43 Int 37 Wis, some spider silk gear, some mithril, my weapon is adamantine scimitar +6. Elpuri is dead and I'm going back with his head after trying to max out my gear with my wands and scrolls (only have a 2 shot wand of mirror and a 1 shot wand of cloning - no wishes) I'm a little weak for Petrus but I'm going to go for it. Tommorrow, had enough IVAN today.


Goddammit! Well i forgot to save an SOCM for elpuri's head. :x I meleed Sherarax too, too 6 teleport & heals even when she was stuck in a couple of octiron bear traps. I did throw the head at petrus many times but to no avail. If its any consolation I dismembered petrus kicked him out of the way (still alive) took his sword and slaughtered attnam including Inlux and Sir Haedric Galladon IV and then killed petrus with his own sword. I could post some screen shots if anyone cares.
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The only thing that might work is octiron, or mithril.
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You could probably do it with arcanite, or some sort of wood...
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I was going to use Octiron. I'll have to try again but after my exams.
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GEF doesn't work at 50 all-stats. Wood has no chance.
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What do you mean by "doesn't work"?
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Doesn't do any damage to Petrus.
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Ah. Well if GEF doesn't deal any damage to Petrus, octiron probably won't, either. In fact in that case I imagine that only adamant, ommel tooth or valpurium (maybe) would. Well... depending on how weight measures into the damage. Octiron is three times as heavy as GEF and has 25 points (8%) less hardness. The three materials I mentioned are the only ones that have more hardness than GEF. At least, in 050, which was when I made my materials list. In addition, all of those three are heavier than Elpuri's flesh, and thus would be just as unuseable.
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GEF did the trick. only 35 AS too. heres a screen shot to prove it.
petrus was limbless. Killed Sherarax, Golgor Dhan (easiest ever), Ur Khan, ZQ29.

had 30 AGI which totally rocks. twin whips of thievery +11 (clonable) and all valpurium and GEF gear. Day 10 too, fairly fast for scitalking my way up to over 100 int and wis.
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Dumb Shit

Why is it 852 kb?
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its a bunch of shots, i just zipped em up together. What are ya on dial up?
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Dumb Shit

Umm, no, but I'm not far enough back in time to still use .bmp.
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Boohoo. poor arcane. That just the file format that Print screen gives and I was too lazy to change it.
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Holy shit Slob. I have no idea how you did that.

And Atomic, it looks like GEF can be had legit after all. Hah!
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Yeah, suck My Dyck.
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Yeah, I'm proud of myself. I think I'm ready for the no artificial limb high priest ending now. I used to think vermis was the best weapon but after this last game I'm pretty sold on whips of thievery. They are clonable, they are unbelievably accurate, theys steal weapons. I've used them before but its been a while. Also this was the first game where I prayed to chaotic gods. I met Cruentus and loricatus first and then got to know all the gods in between. Scabies gave me a ring of Polycontrol -awesome, Infuscor gave me a scroll of charging, cleptia gave me a whip of thievery +3 (but i already had a phoenix feather wot +6) Cruntus charged my flaming sword up to +5. I think the best part was scabies giving a level leprosy and watching everyones limbs drop off - freakin hilarious. After I killed enner I switched to mellis - seges for the big HP boost. I had saved up a shitload of schoolfood. I also had more healing potions than you could shake a stick at. The scaries part was when I found a 2-boner bones file - some good gear Sherarax must have raped my former selves because she was decked in all spidersilk with spidersilk boots of AGI +6 and SSs gloves of strenght +6 and the worst part - a diamond belt of levitation +5. I couldn't use traps on her. I tried hit an run but it cost me an AoLS then I zapped her to death with electricity and striking destroying her head and getting me an AoLS back. Petrus was easy - a couple of valpurium bear traps and then I cut his sword arm off with my twin GEF whips of thievery +11 )15-26 dam) and then kick him out of the way grabbed the justifier (i trained only large swords and whips in this game) and raped attnam with the justifier in one hand and a whip in the other - Inlux was easy to kill as was sir whatshisface.

of couse I ws supposed to be studying for my Cardiology and Respirology exam tomorrow.
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Eh, you'll ace the exam anyway, right Slob?
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yeah, the lungs suck in oxygen and the heart pumps it around - how hard can it be
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Go create an IVAN variant which includes cardiological and respirological aspects of adventuring.
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"Go create an IVAN variant which includes cardiological and respirological aspects of adventuring"

Yeah Air Tunnels in IVAN would be great

Though Id settle for basic needs... For example why isnt there any: Bathrooms, kitchens, recreation rooms, or even for the MOST part crafting stations in IVAN.
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Well I haven;t done any programming since using Fortran77 in 1990, but it would be cool to create some new diseases with real side effects.

Eg. with leprosy you lose nerve sensation which causes you to be more proe to injury, so first you lose fingers (lower Dex), toes (Agi), and then limbs.

If you get hit really hard in the head you can fracture your ethmoid bone causing you to lose your sense of smell (Gas immunity) but also making you prone to meningitis infection (brain crushed my swelling and you die)

You could aspirate vomit (from drinking too much, or poisoning, or head injury) and get pneumonia causing you do become exhasuted very easily and making you weak and less agile, less end.

Tuberculosis would be a good disease (and likely) you could catch it from orcs and zombies and other humanoids (if they had it) but its very infective so you could pass it on. It would cause, exhaustion, muscle wasting (progressive weakness) less AGI and End. And could be fatal.

You could add some basic nutrition disease too. they would be very appropriate. Eg. don;t eat enough red meat - you get anemia (exhausted), dont eat enough fruit you get scurvy, don;t drink enough fluids get dehydated, eat spoiled food get diarrhea, and vomiting, casuing dehydration and starvation.

blahblah blah

I could come up with a bunch more.
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Excellent ideas - especially diarrhoea . Diseases associated with not eating certain food sound rather severe, though...

My personal ideas would be cholera (dehydration, nutrition loss) and radiation disease (to catch from mutant enemies). Oh, and TB could cause you to vomit blood
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If you don't remember the Version Requirements:

Every new official IVAN version must include a new disease.
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Cerumen: That TB suggestion sounds like it would be *nasty* if a dark frog caught it.
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Neonivek wrote
"Go create an IVAN variant which includes cardiological and respirological aspects of adventuring"

Yeah Air Tunnels in IVAN would be great

Though Id settle for basic needs... For example why isnt there any: Bathrooms, kitchens, recreation rooms, or even for the MOST part crafting stations in IVAN.

Let's see rooms with no air.

*drinks from fountain, is sucked through pipes*
*chokes to death*