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Eagle V

For some reason, my version of IVAN seems to really like one specific bone file. It's a GC1 level, and the bad thing is, first time i came there Rondol was waiting for me at the stairs. I died by having my stomach perforated multiple times.

So next time i played, Rondol and a ghost were at the stairs. I died immediately (had some bad armor).

This continued for some time, and now if I descend in GC1, I have some 75% chance of encountering a level with Rondol and some Ghosts Of Myself waiting for me. Before i can even pick up the loot, pray, or read or apply stuff, i usually die.

Why does the game like that bone file? And how many ghosts can it contain at max? Cause, you know, it really pisses me off
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I'm not sure but I once visited the same Bones file 3 times and found 3 of my ghosts there

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Oh wow, that sucks.
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chaostrom wrote
Oh wow, that sucks.

No way thats fukcing awesome Die mofo die
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That happens to me lots of times, i had my friends play this game and they died lots of times in the UT levels, theres like a 50% chance of meeting 3+ ghosts...
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I think the worst is having Ischaldirh make evil clones of you. Trying to fight three of your evil twins, who have the same kick ass gear as you, while getting zapped and fireballed doesn't go so well.
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Yeah that sucks. Fortunately I've only ever encountered izzy in Wizard mode
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He's the reason I keep my HP under 450
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Worst case scenario I had was uncontrolled polymorph in UT2, then having a master necromancer spawn and dying, resulting in a bone level with the encounter. I had Izzy spawn a few times due to polymorph, too, but never left a bone level...
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There's a bones level I've died on 5-6 times, it had tons of kamakaze dwarfs. It finally ran out of dwarfs once, though, so now it's just has a lot of stones lying around.