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Is it possible toget fat enough to fight him eating bananas? I really want that belt and food is hard to come by. could I read a scroll of golem creation and have the golem attack him? or will that cause a negative reation?

also, how should my stats look before i fight him?
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About bananas: not sure what you mean, but yes. What I do is enter New Attnam full enough, and fill myself with bananas from the shop after each failed try.

I enter when I have one or two limbs of ommel hair or phoenix feather, which is easy to obtain if you know Silva. No skills in unarmed. This is enough to have a chance against him. Not big, you might have to try 10 times, but that's OK IMO.
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You probably can get that fat off of bananas, but that takes a metric ton of bananas. You're better off sniffing around the dungeon a bit before taking him on. If you want to give him a pretty good run for his money you should slap on some heavy mitts and train your unarmed or heavy boots and train your kicking. Actually beat him once by kicking him back and knocking him out, then kicking him to death.

Probably the best way to get a few shots at him is to get yourself stuffed full and then down an Oily Orpiv. That should give you plenty of runs against him, but unfortunately any stat/skill boosts you gain while fighting him are negated if you lose. I'd say unarmed about 10 and a half-respectable arm/leg strength are pretty important. Since unarmed tends to be fairly accurate anyways I wouldn't say dex is terribly important, but agility can help with the attack speed. You might want to end up running while fighting for extra speed.
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See the wiki

I mentioned a few tactics. Easiest is to simply polymorph (through wand, fountain, magic mushrooms... there's plenty of ways). Even without polycontrol, you may polymorph into a pretty powerful character. "Elite Dark Knight" is the one I usually go with if I do have polycontrol. Then he's a piece of cake.

The other method is to lay traps outside of his door, and drop some food behind the trap. He'll come to eat the food and damage himself. If you can get him to lose both his legs, again, he'll be easy
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Anyone remember the badass vomit mastery tactic?

You get bananas. Eat them. Keep the peels. Go to the sumo for more peels. Drop them on the banana growers tract. They either develop huge AGI and DEX or die. And you eat them. And their bananas. Everytime the sumo moves to eat, you vomit on his resting place. His legs get dissolved. His torso is wounded. You eat some more banana growers and challenge him. Writing in single sentences is good.

Of course, beartraps, broken bottles etc. But they are for n00bz who can't vomit properly.
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That's brilliant
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I agree, though I don't generally go the whole "eating banana growers" route. I generally just get overfed in UT and drop a banana outside his door, then vomit as in Alveradok's post repeatedly. As soon as he loses a leg he's pretty much finished.

Nothing like moving "very fast" and ripping stuff apart. Though Rondol keeps pokin' me to death I generally rip through everything else without any problems if I'm using gloves of strength and unarmed.
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Fluffy_Bot wrote
then vomit as in Alveradok's post repeatedly.
I read it like "vomit on Alveradok's post repeatedly."... Which is so surrealistic I have to share it...▓░░
▓▓░Also, to train unarmed quickly and relatively safely, I recommend ghosts.░▓░

This thread is now covered in vomit. (in before - gunpowder)

☼ vomity sun or sunny vomit?
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I guess it's better than feces.
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Nothings better than feces.