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What's a good way to keep a stash of stuff safely? I've got a bunch of stuff that are absolutely not worth throwing away, but I have no use for right now, like 2 thunder hammers, empty wands, and a bunch of scrolls I don't need right now, and I'm burdened.
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Put it all in a chest and drop it when you enter a floor. Move it after you've explored. That's what I do.
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Yeah, chests are your best choice, monsters can't open them and take your stuff.
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Make equipment and edibles the first priority. They don't touch wands, scrolls, books and other random stuff.
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Wait, what?
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Thanks. Also, lol.
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What I do is:

Leave one large chest near the stairway. Store extra weapons, bottles of liquids, and unnecessary scrolls and wands in this chest. Carry it with you to each new level, but leave it right at the stairway. Leave another chest full of spoilable food on the previous level, not on the level you are currently exploring.

Then carry a smaller chest. In this one take your essential scrolls and wands (teleport). Use it as a temporary holding place when you find new bottles or spoilables as you explore. Every now and then go back to your large chest and drop these off. Carry healing liquids in cans not bottles. Carry one wand of teleport outside of the small chest, keep the rest inside the chest.

Now you have everything. Healing liquids in a can, an easily accessible wand of teleport, and useful scrolls and wands protected but accessible. Explosives, fragile objects, and objects that you don't want other monsters picking up are stored in a safe location without burdening you unnecessarily.
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I do same as capristo but i have noticed that strongboxes are more explosion resistant than even golden eagle feather chests so I always carry my essential wands in a strongbox.
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Wow, I didn't think they could even beat golden eagle feather chests. Guess strongboxes are even better than I thought.
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They are called strongboxes for a reason...

Also, I seem to recall something with boxes. Wasn't there a bug that lets you store more stuff in it if you put the items in some order?
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Holding the chest and changing it into cerumen?
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That doesn't let you store more stuff though, does it? I thought that was only good for eating the chest.
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chaostrom wrote
Wasn't there a bug that lets you store more stuff in it if you put the items in some order?