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12:46 am Ighalli Anyone against removing the stat scumming from the game? As it is, getting a +1 starting stat means each level of stat gain is 10% easier.
1:16 am Serin-Delaunay I could understand if some people wanted to keep the possibility of unsupervised random start stats to use as challenge modes or to produce less predictable outcomes in UT (which are fun for quite a long time while learning the game).
1:50 am Ischaldirh I simply don't see a compelling reason to remove it, personally
1:50 am Ischaldirh A +1 or -1 in starting stats seems relatively minor in the long run
1:51 am Ischaldirh especially if it happens to be in a limb stat, since it's pretty easy (and common) to try to get artificial limbs anyways
1:52 am Ischaldirh As for Int, starting with 9 vs starting with 11 is pretty immaterial when you're trying to get ~50 by endgame
1:52 am Ischaldirh if you're going to remove this aspect, you might as well also remove the whole randomized talents system too
2:15 am Ighalli With a 10 starting attr and 50 events which trains to attr 25. The same 50 events gives only 20 to someone starting with 9 or 30 to someone who started with 11. It's not at all immaterial.
2:27 am Ischaldirh Wait, are we talking about talents here or starting attributes? Or are they linked?
2:28 am Ischaldirh They don't seem to be, most PCs start with all 10s, and I know each PC has a positive talent and a negative talent as well
2:28 am Serin-Delaunay It also not simply a +1 or -1 for some of the stats. I've seen two or three 7s in the starting limb stats, which might be immaterial after prosthesis but not when standing on a dead puppy in UT1 trying to run away from or punch a hedgehog
2:32 am Ischaldirh I've never seen anything more than a +-1 personally
2:41 am Serin-Delaunay Start a few dozen characters and take a look 8s and 12s are more common than 7s and 13s, but they're all possible.
2:44 am fejoa Argh those 7 Astr/Lstr stats make me so depressed sometimes.
3:09 am Ischaldirh I've started a lot of characters over the past few weeks and still haven't seen a 12
3:10 am Ischaldirh I suppose I can sorta remember getting an 8 start
3:10 am Ischaldirh maybe
3:11 am Ischaldirh Still. I like the random stats, personally. If there's enough momentum for it to be changed, could we at least change it in a symmetric way?
3:12 am Ischaldirh I.e., each set of starting stats averages to 10?
4:12 am Ischaldirh Goddammit
4:12 am 4zb4 I've had a lot more characters start with sub-9 stats ever since CVS
4:12 am Ischaldirh Magpie stole my crystal stone and flew off into the minefield
4:12 am Ischaldirh chased him in there, where i encountered a bloody kamikazie dwarf
4:13 am Ischaldirh promptly polymorphed him - into a mammoth - and noped the fuck out of there
4:13 am 4zb4 holy shit
4:35 am Ischaldirh By the way, how do you heal scars?
4:44 am 4zb4 Remove limb, grow new limb
4:44 am 4zb4 In fact I'm not sure that even works
5:01 am capristo it would be cool to know what the player's talent was, after he/she dies
5:19 am 4zb4 "Cap was blessed with above-average muscle growth. Was."
5:27 am capristo lol
6:37 am red_kangaroo Or maybe show it with stethoscope?
6:37 am red_kangaroo BTW, starting 7s through 9s are quite common for me.
6:37 am red_kangaroo I generally start-scum to get at least 10 in msot stats.
6:38 am red_kangaroo If it was 10 +/-1 with a rare chance of 12 or 13, I think msot start scumming would cease.
6:38 am red_kangaroo It's the 7s that hurt badly.
9:26 am fejoa I wonder what part of the code is responsible for the sevens?
1:55 pm Ischaldirh So if your head is scarred. You're basically just screwed a little?
2:26 pm Ischaldirh Also, the stat-rolling topic needs a thread.
2:26 pm Ischaldirh I'd make it but i have to leave for class like now
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If you ask me the answer isn't to remove it, as this is most certainly a deliberate feature, but rather to implement ways to supplement alternative fighting styles that cater to your strengths.
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In this light, should players be allowed to select their starting talent? Or should this be randomly assigned?
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What are all the talents?
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I'd say talents should still be random. They cannot be easily startscummed right now, as they become apparent only after a while, and they can be very powerful in the long run.
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