SoCMs don't exist! What?

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I have noticed that in my past don't-know-how-many games, SoCMs simply don't appear! Not in the library, or otherwise. Is it possible that an item just doesn't get generated? I can generate it in wizmode, but it doesn't otherwise appear. I remember it being common enough to appear over a few games. Anyone ever noticed this?
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It surely is there, don't worry;

I had the same notion (that there used to be more of them), but I think they just indeed are rare and in some twisted psychological way we just can recall them BEING rather than not.

If in doubt, wizmode like 20 games in which right from the start go to Attnam to the library and there should be a SoCM generated there at least once! And since it doesn't involve wishing, you can be sure those are legit, normal, REAL scrolls that would be also accessible if you didn't wizmode. Just do it, if you need to be assured that badly .
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There is also the possibility that the code has been altered or corrupted. If after the WM testing as per Al's suggestion you still don't find any scrolls of change material, re-download IVAN and try again.
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I've had games where I got multiple SoCM, and others where it seems like I can't find anything valuable at all. A couple weeks ago I ran into a horn of bravery, and was like, "Wow, I completely forgot these even existed" because I hadn't seen one for a long, long time. It's just the randomness.
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Are the Horns of Bravery/Fear really useful? I always seem to lug them around when I find them but have never really put them to use. am I wasting a valuable assest?
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I believe applying a horn of fear will panic monsters while applying a horn of bravery will cure panic in yourself/your pets.

Strangely enough I don't think I've ever used them when I found them either.
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A horn of bravery or two are quite heavy but it's good to have them because sometimes you panic but can't afford to retreat and chill out. Same with buddies (especially Vladimir and Ivan in the dark level).

I find the horn of fear helpful on the werewolf level... Saved my life more than once. But since it doesn't scare off kamikaze dwarves, I generally don't use it later in the game.
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The times I've been to the werewolf level, I mostly wound up killing all the wolves + wolfman in the doorway. But then I don't think the wolfman was in his wolf form those times either.