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I figured I should post this in this forum since it will contain spoilers. I have a few questions:

1. What does horn of Bravery do?
2. My ommel tooth mace has flies around it. Is it going to decay on me? Is there anything I can do to save it if so?
3. When doing the polypiling trick, do the items you stack have any effect on what items you get? ie., do granite rocks give better results than gniess rocks?
4. I read somewhere something about breaking wands. Is that correct? How do you do it? What does it do?
5. I know you can socm chests into ommel cerumen for huge int/wis boosts, but what do I use for the other ommel stuff? (sweat, tears, snot and urine?) I tried to use a socm scroll on some potions and cans to change into that stuff, but it wouldn't let me.
6. I'm about to enter enner beasts level, normally I tele to him, slow, then zap em with everything I got. But I don't have anything for tele control this time around, any tips on how to survive if I can't tele to him?
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1 - if you are in a panicked state, it takes you out of that state (so that you can actually fight again)
2 - Yes, it will decay And there's nothing you can do about it
3 - No
4 - Yes, if you press "a" to "apply" a wand, it will break it. Basically, it's whatever normal effect it has, except instead of in a line, it does it in a square, and with more force. So if you break a wand of fireballs, it'll create a huge explosion... break a wand of teleport will teleport you and everything around you (items & monsters), polymorph will polymorph you and everything in the squares next to you, etc.
5 - That's because it's considered a cheat... the devs purposely don't let you change things into ommel excretions, they simply forgot to disable ommel cerumen.
6 - Just walk towards him as quickly as you can... if he leaps out of a corner at you, teleport yourself or him away (preferably yourself, that way you still know which general area he is in). Store all of your healing potions in cans, and drink them every time you turn red on your way over. Then zap him (2 shots with a fireballs wand usually finish him off for me)
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A nice way to "preserve" the ommel tooth mace is to put on a level and leave it. But you can't use it though. You can slow the decaying down on CVS/LIVAN if you zap it with a wand of slow.
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If you have ommel bone stuff you kan feed it to Kenny and he gets stronger. I can;t remember if he can eat ommel tooth too. Anyway if it's about to decay you might as well get some good out of it. I tried to make kenny buff enough to kill Elpuri by feeding him ommel stuff but it didn't work because he just got full.

I usually melee enner to death, it very easy if you get over 150 HP, just become pray to all the gods between mellis and seges. Prat to mellis with 5 empty cans and you will get lots of school food, eat the school food ad then prey to seges to cure the poisoning and you won;t lose AStr Lstr from puking too much.
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Puppies and wolves can eat ommel bones and teeth. I don't know how, but they do. I'm not sure if other canines can, though. Haven't tried it. Namely jackals, blink dogs and werewolves.