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Greetings, I've set up a public server running an ASCII port of IVAN 0.50 at This is still somewhat experimental (but at least I haven't managed to crash it in a while )

I changed the movement commands to vikeys (hjklyubn) since both of the default keysets are horrible on the numpadless dvorak laptop I use for testing. If you use putty to connect, you can set the nethack mode to enable numpad movement.

Reasons to play on a public server:

It would be nice to have the graphical version online but that would be much more work
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Good lord, this needs a sticky!
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Tried to sticky it, but failed. Anyway.

Good lord! Someone doing actual coding on IVAN? Blasphemy!!! =P Wow, wasp, welcome to the board! Keep up the good work.

EDIT: Wait.. How do I make it work?
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Bored One

Download PuTTY and put in the address.
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Wow... simply porting it to ascii is quite a feat, not to mention letting other people watch games. Nice work! Glad to have you here
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This kind of came out of nowhere, awesome!
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would love to try this out when i find the time. Hopefully wasp will manage to run the graphic version like this.
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Tiles unfortunately do not work through tty nor curses. It may still be possible to make it work online, but it would require a very different approach and probably a different client program as well.
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ask the guy who did crawl online tiles for advice on how to make ivan online tiles happen
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Holy shit I did not know of NetTiles. Thanks lampshade, now I guess wasp/jarpiain just needs that info and we'll be golden beyond belief.
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HOLY BANANA! all this needs is multiplayer support and ivan is complete! ^_^
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...multiplayer would be asking a *lot* of jarpiain (and the devs, they still have some say in how their game goes). I'd be ecstatic at just tiled, bloody/drooly/acidy IVAN online.
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And another thing, there's no way to see how spoiled stuff is.
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BDR wrote
I'd be ecstatic at just tiled, bloody/drooly/acidy IVAN online.
yea IVAN online tiled would be awesome beyond comparison
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holy frog, this is amazing!