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I'm working on this for a couple days, it's now usable, even if it still miss a lot of things.

To use it, just draw the layout of your dungeon in any drawing program capable of saving a PNG, 1 pixel for 1 tile of the map. Each color you use will be a different material/item/other, for the moment, you could only use 25 color plus white (white is the default tile, the empty one, displayed as a dot like in the scripts).

I know it's ugly, miss lot of features, not very secured, but, I'll correct all of this

Here for the link!

And an example of the result (something you'll reconize )
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Finished a script able to read the graphics files and apply the colors exactly like IVaN do.
Not useful right now, but will be useful for the future (or maybe to quickly test how color render instead of restarting the game each time).

Here a sample picture rendered by the script :
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You sure your not a code monkey Planplan? Or just a code chimp?

Thanks Planplan this may invigorate my inspiration to add more materials to the game (however unneeded they are)
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I'm not a code monkey no, I'm just searching a job in the web dev, each piece of code I make improve my skill and allow me to show the recruiter something, more than just a diploma

And an interesting project (for me) and maybe useful for the community is always better than an unuseful block of code with no other purpose than improving skill.
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Hey, pretty cool addition Planplan! I haven't tried it out yet but keep up the good work
Don't forget to add a way to make monsters in the levels (you probably already knew that, sorry for bugging you )