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Thanks to the recent interest and push by a few members, it looks like a group effort of continued IVAN development is finally in the works.

This is exciting because unlike the existing mods and variants, which are scattered around and separate, this time we're going to keep the source code all in one place.

I will be adding it to Github, which means that anybody can grab the code and contribute! This is also good because it's not too much pressure on one person - you can help in whatever way you can whenever you have time. For those with a professional interest in coding, you can also brag that you've contributed to an open-source project!

We'll also be using Trello to manage tasks, features, and bugs. We're starting with CVS as a base, and existing variants can eventually be merged in.
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1. Trello

We're not using Trello anymore.

The Trello board is here:

If you'd like to contribute, first create a Trello account and post your username here or send it to me in a PM. Then I can add you to the board so you can create, edit, and claim tasks.

There are 3 lists: "Unclaimed Tasks", "In Progress", and "Ready for Testing."

If you see something you're interested in, click on the "card", choose yourself as a member, and drag it to the "In Progress" column so that others know that you're working on it.

If you notice bugs, or have ideas for new features, feel free to add your own cards as well! Even if you can't code them, maybe somebody else will. Be sure to label your card as a bug (red) or feature (blue) so that we can see at a glance what they are.

Once your code is complete and pushed, move it to the "Ready for Testing" column so that others can compile it and check it out. After it's been tested, it will be merged into the official code.
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2. GitHub

The GitHub repository is here:

You will need to create a GitHub account. You can pull the code anonymously, but i need to add you to the "Attnam" organization in order to be able to commit changes.

To get started, simply find the "clone URL" in the right hand sidebar. For Windows I recommend TortoiseGit. For Linux I believe the command would be

$ git clone

I'll update this post with a basic tutorial for those who are new to Git.
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It promises to be vibrant!
When Cap gets the source up, I'll download it and try compiling, then I'll put up the basic compillation instructions.
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Done, added the link in my previous post. This is the code modified by nukes to support 64-bit systems. Hopefully everything will work and compile!
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This will need a 64-bit compiler I imagine?

I get:
FeLib/Include/save.h:213: error: extra `;'
When I run with normal 32 bit (x86) compiler.
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I imagine so. From what I remember, this was the only copy of the CVS code we could find
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Nice! I've got some files you guys might be interested in... They include a vast amount of stupid and plausible ideas categorized and organized, and the log of the discussion session with JKahvi and participants of the 1st IVANCon a few years back.

Once I get my PC hooked with WiFi, I'll try to remember to post them for your benefit.
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Our first commit... I fixed the valedmar spawn rate and default 19 skill level for unarmed combat. Woo!
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Ok, I think this 64-bit gcc package might be useful for the command-line junkies amongst us:

Update: So far so good, but I think the changes nukes made are throwing up some problems for me. It's probably the way I'm compiling, I'm using the old ivanmgw.mak in MinGW (I moved with the times, using 4.8.2). The whole thing is probably a bit antiquated.
May I ask what compilers others are using?

Update 2: OK so I deleted the spurious semicolons from bodypart.h, char.h and char.cpp and it compiles fine in gcc 3.4.2
Strange, utterly strange and makes no sense. Oh well, at least it compiles. The executable needs SDL.dll to run. This should probably be added to the repo (?)

Right, we should collect all our ideas and things we discussed from the beginning and come up with a development plan.
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Well, I went through the development sub-forum, and between the lack of participation from volunteers and slow feedback from the DEV group meant we never really got anything done, but there's plenty of ideas. Erno has the ideas compilation from players, then there's these:

Then there's the experimental God system, capristo should have access to the thread:

Finally, there was this:
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ivan.cvs.sourceforge wrote
Children no longer spoil

Anyways, to really get the dev going again, we'd really need active and commited coders (or at least one). You can only get so far with just ideas and scripting. Personally I don't have the time/will to put in the effort to properly learn C for any larger additions/modifications especially if the source is as impenetrably jumbled as it sounded like.
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Eh, I'm learning Java and have done a little C (not C++) so I will see if I can help where I can and when I have time/motivation.
Note the learning part.
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Azba, there's never been a better time to learn

JoKe, scripting is also good. Heavens knows there will be plenty of dungeons to design, and if you need the location to appear on the worldmap, then you can add this as a task on Trello and it will get done for you.

Meanwhile, I can't gain access to the develpoment forum for some reason:

You do not have permission to view topics in this forum

Wowsers! There's a lot of ideas to collect together and put in one spot...
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can I help?
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yep, what would you like to do and what things do you need?
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i like to play IVAN and sell insurance. I have zero graphics or programming skills. playtester maybe?
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also, without sounding like a jerk, I think any new content should be carefully reviewed - I think we(1) want to keep this as close to the original theme of the game as possible. If we(1) introduce a ton of new worlds and monsters and misisons, it could make it seem like more of a variant than a progression of the main stream game.

(1) like the way I insuated myself into the process without actually offering to help in a meaningful way?
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I like it!
yeah we need to stick to main line development. I think what blob posted a wee while back is pretty relevant.
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I've been playing IVAN almost as long as I've been coding C. I've got spare time to iron out some bugs. My username on both Trello and Github is 'Lum4r'.
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Hi lum4r! Welcome, looks like you've been added to Trello
I'd say taking a look at the source is a good place to start. It is a little dizzying, but not totally abstruse.
IVAN is coded in C++ so it is a bit object oriented, which is the difference to C. But it is really easy to get the hang of and if you've played IVAN for a long time you'll quickly recognise the game mechanics from the source.
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Right, now that I have a lot of free time on my hands I guess I can lend a hand (or, try to) in IVAN dev.
I'm on Windows7, so what program(s) do you suggest I use? I've only got stuff for Java development on me from uni work.
I've also got access to just about every microsoft product under the sun for free because of being an engineering student if that helps.

My Trello and Github accounts are both "Azba"
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Eng student? Fantastic! What discipline? Are you studying at Vic, Auckland or Canterbury?
I am also running Windows 7, 64 bit.
I use programmer's notepad which suits me. You can use your favourite.
The compiler I use is MinGW 32 bit with version 3.4.2. For some reason this works well. This is stored under C:\MinGW\
Then I use the makefile that comes with the source, and the settings as per
In fact the set-up to compile CLIVAN is the same as for IVAN CVS.

If you can get your hands on Microsoft Visual C++ (or Code::Blocks) and open IVAN as a project, you can use the search functionality for extremely rapid sourcediving, which is great if you want to copy paste some code funtions to make something really wierd and novel, like a fire-breathing bat.
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I'm at Vic and doing Software Engineering at present.
Thanks for the list of things, I can go grab Microsoft Visual Studio 2013/2012/2010 right now if I wanted to but arrrgh there's so many different versions of it I'm not sure which one would be best (Express/Professional/Premium/Ultimate)
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great to have you lum4r! Added you both to Trello

Github's UI is a little confusing, I'm still trying to figure out how to add you. You should be able to check out and work on the code locally though