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Genetrix Versana the mother carnivorous plant = Trixy, Mom, Jenny
Rondol the kobold patriarch = Ron
Guugzamesh the goblin king = Gus
Ur Khan = Urky
Golgor Dhan = Danny
Sherarax the mistress queen = Raxy, Sherry
Ischaldirh the dark archmage = Izzy
Vladimir the gigantic carnivorous mutant bunny = Vlad

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Anyone who actually uses Trixy or Raxy should be shot.
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They were (minus "Mom") the original nicknames that were used until Freelance came up with the new ones. I didn't know you didn't like them.
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I've always said Genetrix and Sherry. Trixy sounds like a two bit hooker and Raxy sounds like the nasty disease you would get from her.
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Good one, U_E. Maybe you should switch the two around, though. Then you'd be right on with what's proven in the game...
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I used to call Sherarax, Miss X or Miss S.
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Zayre said something in the IRC last night that made me laugh.

Long story short, new name for Izzy:

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lmao!Btw,I'm finally founfd the new forum.It's almost as if you didn't WANT me to find it...
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I know! It's not like there were messages everywhere about it...

By the way, aren't there more named uniques in LIVAN? I think they deserve some nicks too, don't you?
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Menatrix fusaga = Menny?

</got nothing>
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Oh, yeah. I came up with the name by mixing Genetrix Versana with Menacing Fungus.
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It shows.