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I managed to beat the game and made it to the honor roll.
I'm somewhat new to IVAN (playing for a week or so) altho I've played nethack for almost a year and still not beaten it (bad luck I guess).

I dont feel being too lucky on this character. The first good item I found was the bronze thunder hammer and Turox on GC 1 and 3 not to mention all the nesessary res items and wands.

I was able to only pray Infuscor who granted me ESP/poly/telecontroll and 3 tele scrolls always when I prayed (not so good god imo). In some point he suddently got pissed at me and I started to pray to Dulcis(?!?!?!)[even worse god] who made me champion near the end.

I got to wish twice. first I got my AoLS and then wand of cloning. I started "pumping" my gear when I hit 25 int to a point I couldnt upgrade anything further with no means possible.

The spoilers were usefull help. Best tip was the god tip. Best luck to your adventures!
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Cool, congrats and welcome aboard how did you kill Elpuri??
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Bored One


Now get one of the better endings
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Elpuri was a piece of cake. Hitted him for around 10 times with my meteoric thunder hammer +8 and turox +7 and thats it. The only thing from which I took damage in the end was pretty much just critical hits from valpurium golems
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Dammit, you beat my prized victory for good! >=E

No seriously, good job!
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Damn, playing for a week and you already won? It took me what, two years? Three years?
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Atomic wrote
Damn, playing for a week and you already won? It took me what, two years? Three years?
I just noticed that. I think it took me a couple years too
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Well the fact I beat the game so quick is 90% that I learned fast from my deaths. I also found out pretty fast which items are nesessary for victory. The rest 10% are just being extra carefull that I learned from nethack
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Hey Congrats,

I've never actually played nethack perhaps I should try it someday.

Try killing petrus next. You might find it is much more challenging and of course beyond the portal is even 10X harder.

Did you use artificial or atural limbs??
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Very nice! Looks like a hero in the making to me
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Congratulations! I'd never have guessed NetHack experiences can translate that well into IVAN.

My previous incarnations murdered mercilessly by the arcanite golem are jealous of you
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Nice job, i still havent beat the game without cheating, i have one question, what is AoLS?
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Amulet of Life Saving. Very handy item to have. When I won, I needed two of them, and that was just to get from GC to Attnam with Elpuri's head.
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I had to use artificial limbs yeah. made me a lot stronger. I found a portal at the end, but I didn't know how to enter it so I just happily delivered the head without knowing whats beyond the portal. Must try it!
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You enter the portal the same way you go down staircases: >
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Except that once you are down there is no going back until you get to Oree.