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Hey guys,

I had just defeated the boss on UT3 while polymorphed as a bear with 500HP; then while cleaning up the rest of the plants I get the message: "You are hit by a burst of energy!"

Literally everything I'm "wearing" breaks including all breakable objects in my inventory. Any ideas?

... I then go back into the tunnel after delivering the scroll and die due to: "...the spells of Ischaldirh the dark archmage..."
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Wow, you've just encountered Ischaldirh. I've never seen him, lucky me...
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Yes, this was the dark archmage himself.

Also a good pointer on how the amount of hp itself can make things dangerous.

As a good thing, though, You could now have amassed hp's and not worry about him popping out in GC.
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Ischaldirh is a mage who does not need to be anywhere near you to kill you due to massive amounts of Int. He is very good at his job. Trying to find and fight him without cheating is extremely unwise, as is staying on the level he is at any longer than necessary (assuming you can actually live long enough to get off it).

Also, he *could* have gone into GC but a) it's a polymorph, they don't last forever and b) IME the stats you come into a level with affects the kind of monsters who spawn, which means plenty of kamikaze dwarves and/or other monsters that he probably would not be equipped to fight as anything less than a bear.
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BDR, he could have waited out the polymorph before entering GC, and then probably have fixed his gear somewhat too.
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Yes, it was a bad idea to go back into the Tunnel. Looks like you didn't get a response from anybody so you went back to investigate It's nice to know where the baddies are because then you know which places to avoid
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Ischaldirh wrote
BDR, he could have waited out the polymorph before entering GC, and then probably have fixed his gear somewhat too.

I read Al's "amassed lots of HP" comment as meaning that Al was saying that he could take advantage of the 500 HP from bear-ness for the purposes of delving into GC. Maybe that was wrong but I don't really see the alternative of getting full health back when your polymorph goes away as really making sense in the context of the statement.
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I meant that if Izzy is basically "stuck" in UT, one can go powergaming without fear of stumbling upon him in GC.

Unless he meets Sherry.