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Just fired up a char and the first item I find is an artifact named mjolak. Its damage is super, high, but other than that is it any good?
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Unrelated to Mjolak, but if you don't mind, could you please not make a thread about every single question? Just create a thread and ask further questions from there.

Keeps clutter to a minimum.
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Well, since the topic has made, Mjolak makes you a bit more chaotic.
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But it does very much kick ass. Being a halberd, it's really good for arm strength. I recently had a game that found an iron halberd early on UT1, and by the time Jenny was dead I had 18 or 19 AStr. I didn't waste time on the plants either.
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Im happy to abide by local custom, but if all questions are asked within other threads it seems like it would be harder to parse between questions.
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You could simply quote an unanswered question/a statement you have something to say about
like this.
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Mjolak fucking rocks. Every single one of my victorious characters has wielded Mjolak. Get some kick ass limbs and dual-wield adamant Mjolaks enchanted +10 and you will own everybody's soul
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Ahh so I can change the material artifacts are made of? its moot anyway since I was killed by a kobold wielding a balsa spear.
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Yes, you can change the material of any object you want. If you like, you can turn a whip into steel. Though it wouldn't work very well... it'd be like swinging a very funny-shaped bar.

Also I'm going to object to the "one thread for all questions" idea. Such a thread would get clogged up and awkward after a time. Perhaps a FAQ thread which is occasionally updated if there's a question that is being asked repeatedly... But with the size of our community I doubt we'll have too much of that anyways. Also, separate threads means that the conversation can mutate and cover other somewhat related subjects without jamming up other peoples' questions.
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Okay, nevermind then, that sounds reasonable.
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I think having two threads titled "Thunder/Lightning" and "Thunder Hammer" was redundant. Maybe not as redundant as... (I don't know if that thread still exists) but still. Let's keep a balance between long threads and many threads.
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Ah yes the redundant thread

BTW justifier can not be SOCM'd or further enchanted. I've never tried praying to an angry Loricatus though with a justifier - wonder aht whould happen

*You pray to Loricatus. Loricatatus is displeased. You Justifier +16 vibrates and softens. Valupurus is angy and smites Loricatus in the head with a small hammer. Loricatus is killed. You eat corpse of Loricatus. Suddenly you are imbued with the godly powers of Loricatus.

I wish!
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Speaking of Justifier, I seem to remeber from the first time i gave IVAN a try that it dissapears aftr a while? and can it be wished for?
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No, it can't be wished for, and no it doesn't disappear. You probably got a mirrored valpurium sword (was it flaming?), which is not the same. There is only one Justifier, and Petrus owns it, and the only way you can get it is by killing him. Even becoming Valpurus's champion only gets you a "valpurium sword", not quite the Justifier
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No, the Justifier cannot be changed in any way in game.

And the redundant thread was funny. "Battlestromagu Zmouslob"