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Like you may have noticed on the shoutbox, I started writing a guide. It's starting to be ready enough to make public, so here's a link: JoKe's Guide to Elpuri.

Some of the hints 'n' tips sections aren't probably quite populated enough yet, I'll be adding some as they come. I don't really know if it's enough to get anyone through the freedom win either, but we'll see.

Must be one of the longest things I've ever written, too.

Mostly to those who would actually glean some use out of this: any specific bits and pieces I should add light on?
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Sounds Useful.

Most of the time I die due to the game spawning a named enemy champion...
I don't know...some skeleton with a flaming ruby sword of you can't out run me human!!!

In that case I use wand of teleport .....and randomly teleport.....Next to him..

I'll have a look though it.
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JoKe wrote
Talk with him with C for chat, not V for vomit.

Please don't tell me that this has happened to you.
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Knowing JoKe, if he was going for an Elpuri win and accidentally vomited on Petrus, he'd just kill Petrus and go for high priest instead
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Pent wrote
Please don't tell me that this has happened to you.

Heh, not to me no, though someone did do this by accident way back IIRC.